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  • Prancer


    Missing Since: 3/11/18

    Prancer is an 8 year old, neutered, brown and gray tabby with black stripes. His name is Prancer, but he might come to “Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty” called out in a high voice. Microchipped.

    Please contact: email:


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  • Pumpkin


    Missing Since: 3/7/18

    Pumpkin is a five year old, short-haired tortoiseshell cat who has a distinct marking of a cross on her chest.  She has had almost all of her teeth removed due to a bad case of stomatitis. She is missing from the Redden Garden Apartments near Adelle Drive and Durham Road in Dover. If you see her:

    Please contact: (603) 531-7713 (cell)
    of email:


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  • Finnigan


    Missing Since: 2/24/18

    Finnigan is a black and white cat who is very shy. He is missing from the Crestwood Mobile Home Park off of Manchester Street in Concord, NH, near Greenwich Trail. If you see a cat that might be Finnigan:

    Please contact: Carol (603) 290-7145
    or email:


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  • Max


    Missing Since: 2/21/18

    Max is a friendly tan and gray tabby with dark stripes, white chest, belly, and paws, a small white spot on his back, and tabby patches on his white legs. White “tear stains” around his muzzle. He has tags and is microchipped. Missing from Orlando Street near Intervale in Nashua. Please check your garages, sheds, and basements if you live nearby.

    Please contact: (603) 361-8540


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  • Gerard


    Missing Since: 9/4/17

    Gerard is an orange tabby with short hair. Most of his fur is either orange or light yellow/orange, and his only white markings are around his eyes and on his chin. He has amber/yellow eyes. He is neutered, and is between four and six years old. He is an indoor-only cat who is normally very vocal and friendly around strangers, but might be more skittish and shy now. Missing from the Emerald Lake Village District in Hillsborough. If you see him:

    Please contact: (603) 545-1790 (text)
    or email:


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  • Mr. Kitty


    Mr. Kitty
    Missing Since: 2/6/18
    Reunited: 3/2/18

    Mr. Kitty is home! He was hiding under the porch.


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  • Leo


    Missing Since: 1/31/18

    Leo is an all black, six month old kitten. He is on the small side. Missing from Everett Dam Road in Dunbarton. If you see a cat that might be Leo:

    Please contact: (603) 717-2878
    or email:


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  • Sai


    Missing Since: 1/14/18

    Sai is a bi-color dark tabby with a white bib and white on his nose. Mostly gray with black stripes. He is kind of shy. Missing in Weare.

    Please contact: (603) 229-8368
    or email:


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  • Meow


    Missing Since: 1/3/18
    Reunited: 1/9/18

    Meow came home!


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  • Jinxy


    Missing Since: 12/22/17

    Jinxy is a solid black cat with a touch of white on his neck, and big green eyes. He got out of the house during all the Christmas commotion. Missing from Mendums Lake in Barrington.

    Please contact: Malcolm (603) 905-9067
    or (603) 502-0270 or email:


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  • Baby


    Missing Since:

    Baby is a  5 or 6 month old kitten with big yellow eyes. She was once a feral cat but now lives with her family. She wandered off with some other cats and probably does not know her way home. She is very shy. Missing from the Belknap Mountain/ York Village Way area of Gilford. If you see her:

    Please contact: (603) 524-2813 or (603) 366-8212


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  • Kashmere


    Missing Since: 12/20/17

    Kashmere is an 8 year old, neutered male Bengal cat with a ringed tail. He was wearing a blue breakaway collar with a unique stitched pattern.  He is very vocal, and might answer you if you call him. He is terrified of dogs. Missing from Samuel Hanson Avenue (off Court Street at the far end of Henry Law Ave.) in Dover.

    Please contact: Kuffer (603) 781-5300 (home) or (603) 610-7406 (work)
    or email:


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  • Nox


    Missing Since: 12/9/17
    Reunited: 12/11/17

    Nox is home! 


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  • Kammo


    Missing Since: 11/29/17
    Reunited: 12/5/17

    Kammo is home!


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  • Diana


    Missing Since: 11/29/17
    Reunited: 12/1/17

    Diana is home! We were able to get her out from under a neighbor’s deck. She ate and then wanted nothing but love!


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  • Manny


    Missing Since: 11/25/17
    Reunited: 12/3/17

    Manny came home!



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  • Dionne


    Missing Since: 11/20/17

    Dionne is a small, calico tabby, mostly gray with some buff/orange markings and white paws and stomach. She was wearing her grey flea collar that has reflectors on it. Missing from Main Street, in Somersworth.

    Please contact:


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  • Missing in Deering


    Missing Since: 11/24/17

    Dudley is a buff tabby with gold eyes. Blonde with yellow striping. He is tough but affectionate, and trusting of humans. Has a limpy back hip. Neutered and microchipped. Missing from the area around Reservoir Road and Old County Road, near the Deering Reservoir.

    Please contact: (603) 660-8785


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  • Kitty


    Missing Since: 11/25/17
    Reunited: 11/27/17

    Kitty came home!


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  • Reunited


    Found: 11/25/17
    Reunited: 11/26/17

    This gray tabby with white tuxedo markings was found running down North Main Street in Rochester. His family saw his post online, and has now been reunited with him.


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