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  • Simon


    Missing Since: 10/16/16

    Simon is white with black splotches, approximately 13 pounds when he went missing, very friendly. Was wearing his blue stretch collar with ID and vaccine tag from Cocheco Valley Humane Society. His two other kitty house-mates are missing him, as is the rest of the family. Missing from the Sagamore Avenue, Cliff Road, Walker Bungalow Road area of Portsmouth. Please call if you see a cat that might be Simon. We love and miss him much!

    Please contact: Sheridan
    (603) 502-9028

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  • Reunited


    Found: 4/21/17
    Reunited: 4/22/17

    This cat was found, cold and wet, in Portsmouth. She is an 18 year old indoor-only cat who had gotten outside, and is now home with her family.


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  • Whiskey


    Missing Since: 4/9/17

    Whiskey is a tan and black Siamese-type cat with blue eyes. She is an indoor-only cat, and must be very frightened.  She is missing from North Ave. & Brickett Lane in Haverhill, near the border of Plaistow, NH. If you live near there, please check your sheds, garages, and basements to be sure she isn’t hiding in there.

    Please contact: Debbie
    (508) 451-4673
    or (email)


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  • Niko


    Missing Since: 4/11/17
    Reunited: 4/18/17

    Niko returned yesterday. We caught him on our motion detector cameras and went out to catch him. 


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  • Is this your missing cat?


    Found: 4/9/17

    This gray tabby showed upon our doorstep, on Stage Road in Nottingham, near Old Turnpike Road/Rte. 4. Is this your cat?

    Please contact:


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  • Levi


    Missing Since: 3/25/17

    Levi is a buff and white, very shy cat who is missing after a house fire. Other cats managed to get out and were accounted for, but this one has not yet been found. Please keep an eye out for him as he is likely very frightened and will need help to be reunited with his family. Please check your basements, sheds, garages, drainpipes . . .  anywhere a timid cat might hide. Please do not attempt to catch him as he will surely run. Instead please call with any sightings of any cat that might be Levi. He may be burned, injured or may smell of smoke. Missing from Deer Meadow Road in Chichester.

    Please contact:  Jean (603) 608-5498 or
    Pembroke Animal Hospital (603) 228-0019 and tell them you have seen Levi. 


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  • Candy


    Missing Since: 3/29/17
    Reunited: 4/2/17

    Candy came home!


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  • Found in Epping


    Found: Fall, 2016

    This black and white cat has been hanging around in Epping since the fall, and is still here in March, 2017. The cat seems friendly and looks healthy. Tame enough to let me pet him/her while eating. Is this your missing cat?

    Please contact: (603) 203-4298
    or (email)


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  • Black cats
    Found: 2/14/17

    Two or three black cats have been seen at our condo complex in Penacook, near the Contoocook River. We have been seeing them now and then since December–sometimes we’ve seen two, sometimes three. They seem cold and hungry, but we are not sure if they are lost pets, outdoor-access cats, or strays. If you are missing some black cats, or if they are your cats who like to go outside, please let us know!

    Please contact:


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  • Flex


    Missing Since: 1/25/17
    Reunited: 1/31/17

    Flex came home!


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  • Ted



    Missing Since: 1/11/17

    Ted is a large, orange and white bi-color tabby with large white paws (extra toes). He is about 5 or 6 years old, has a white stripe on his nose, and a white chest. Not wearing a collar. He might be skittish around men.  Missing from the area near Albuquerque and Nesenkeag Drive in Litchfield. Please check your garages and sheds in case he accidentally got trapped in one. He is an indoor/outdoor cat who usually stays in most of the time during the cold weather.

    Please contact: (603) 494-7981
    or (email)


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  • Sweet Pea

    Sweet Pea


    Sweet Pea
    Missing Since: 1/5/16

    Sweet Pea is a neutered, gray and white bi-color tabby Siamese mix, whose tail has dark stripes. He is about a year and a half old, and has never been outside before. He is timid, and I am worried sick with the cold temperatures.  Not wearing a collar. Missing in the area of Oak Hollow Road off Poor Farm Road in New Ipswich. Please, if you live nearby, please check your garages, sheds, barns, basements, and other hiding places near your house.

    Please contact: (603) 878-2878


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  • Cash



    Missing Since: 1/14/17
    Reunited: 1/17/17

    Cash is home safe!


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  • Is this your missing cat?



    Found: 1/4/17
    Reunited: 1/14/17

    After ten days, this cat’s family was found, and he is now back with his family.


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  • Wilson



    Missing Since: 12/24/16
    Reunited: 12/26/16

    Wilson is home!


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  • Mr. Kitty

    Mr. Kitty


    Mr. Kitty
    Missing Since: 12/11/16
    Reunited: 12/21/16

    Mr. Kitty is home!


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  • Lenny



    Missing Since: 12/04/16

    Lenny is an all black, short haired cat, spayed, about two years old. She is medium sized, with a little belly, and has a long scar under her fur on the top left side of her neck. She loves food, and might come running for dinner or treats. Last seen near Shasta Drive and High Range Road in Londonderry.

    Please contact: Erin (603) 552-8421
    or (email)


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  • Mowgli



    Missing Since: 11/27/16
    Reunited: 12/1/16

    Mowgli came home!


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  • Smokey



    Missing Since:

    Smokey is a bi-color dark tabby, with a white markings. He is very friendly, and may come when called. Missing from Dutton Road, near Little Island Pond in Pelham, but may have been seen near Crossroads and Walgreens, Rte 38. If you see him:

    Please call: Sally-Ann (603) 508-0619
    or (603) 635-7588


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  • Max



    Missing Since: 11/14/16

    Max is a Bengal cat with tan and dark brown marbled coat. Max is an indoor-only cat who has never been outside before. He is friendly, and typically more active than the usual domestic cat. He is one of a bonded pair of brothers who have never been separated before. His brother is lost without him and has been calling for him. Missing from Technology Drive in Bedford. He is very special to us. If you think you may have seem him:

    Please contact: Dan (603) 540-8566 (call or text)
    or (email)


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