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  • Austin

    Missing Since: 9/20/09
    Male, neut.

    Austin is a two year old yellow-orange tabby (as of the date he went missing), with a ringed tail, white on legs, face, chest, white mark on his side that looks like an upside-down peace sign, two brown spots on his nose.

    He has greenish brown eyes. Weighs about ten pounds. Missing from the Lancaster Road area of Gorham. Reward Offered.

    Please Contact: Eric
    (603) 723-9787


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  • Dagget



    Missing Since: 9/12/09






    Dagget, an extremely friendly, light orange tabby, vanished on a rainy night from his home in the Boulder Drive area of Barrington. He was about 8 years old when he disappeared, with a little voice, and black specks around his tabby face. He holds his tail straight up and shakes it when he is excited. He has a few white rings on the end of his tail.  We miss him terribly. 

    Please Contact: Jen
    (603) 664-5834, or 534-4116

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  • Sonny
    Missing Since: 9/09
    Male, Neutered

    Sonny is a very large yellow and white tabby with long hair. No collar. He was lost on E. Ricker Road in Loudon, NH. 

    Please Contact: Valerie

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