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  • Oscar

    Missing Since: 10/31/09

    Oscar is a two year old black cat with a white chest and lovely golden eyes. He purrs all the time. 


    Oscar is rather nosy, as well as friendly, so he might have gone trick or treating with a nice family and either became lost, or perhaps was invited into someone’s home. His person misses him greatly. 

    Please Contact: Eliot
    (603) 464-9851

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  • Lily




    Missing Since: 10/25/09
    Female, spayed





    Lily is a medium/long haired, black and white (tuxedo-like) cat. She is two years old. Missing from the Witchtrot Road area of Wakefield, NH. She likes to wander down near Canal Street. She is a great hunter, and may have wandered too far and lost her way. 
    If you have seen this cat,

    Please Contact: Jen
    (508) 612-1837

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  • Oreo
    Missing Since: 10/22/09
     Male, Neut.

    I have been missing my cat Oreo since 10/22/09. He went missing from the Corduroy Road area in Amherst, NH. Oreo is a medium, thin black and white cat with a white face mask, pink nose and black dot on his chin. He is friendly.

     Please Contact: Angela
    (603) 672-3090

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  • Cheech




    Missing Since: 10/17/09


    Cheech is 13 years old, with gray/black tabby markings on her medium length, very soft fur. She has a white triangle on her face, white belly and legs, yellow eyes, a bushy tabby plume for a tail, and a small gray spot on her right hind leg. When last seen, she was wearing her pink collar with i.d. and phone number. She also has a microchip. Missing from Whittier Road in Merrimack. Cheech is shy of strangers. We miss her so much. 

    Please Contact: Erika 
    (603) 377-6353

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  • Gary

    Missing Since: 10/2009 Male, neut.

    Gary has medium length fur with a tabby pattern, and blue eyes. He also has double paws.  Have you seen our Gary? 


    Please Contact:
    (603) 585-6979

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