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  • Jack


    Missing Since: 9/18/10

    My cat Jack is missing from the Mast Road area in Lee. He is black and white, almost one year old, about 12 lbs and very friendly. 

    Please Contact: Megan
    (617) 899 8058


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  • BoBo


    Jericho (Bobo)
    Missing Since: 9/15/10

    Our beloved Jericho (“Bobo”) a gray male adult kitty went missing last Wednesday night and has not returned since. He did not have a collar on, unfortunately, (used to “ditch” it) and it is not like him to not come home. We are hoping he may have followed a white kitty that has been seen in our yard, and we are trying not to fear the worst. Jericho is missing from Tamar Drive, off Horizon Drive, which is off Tibbetts Hill in Goffstown. We are offering a reward. 

    Please Contact:  Matt (603) 275- 2936


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    Missing Since: 9/14/10

    We have lost our cat Snowy, a one-year-old neutered male. He is mostly white with a couple gray spots on the top of his head and a couple gray spots on his lower back. Snowy is primarily an indoor cat, but slips out the door sometimes. He can be a little shy. He is missing from the Thurston Woods area in Lee, near Rte.152.

    Please Contact: Sheila
    (603) 292-5774 


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  • Smokey





    Missing Since: 9/10/10
    ale, Neut.


    Our cat Smokey is missing from East Rochester in the Raab Lane area. Smokey is like our second child. My daughter calls him her brother and she misses him terribly. We are offering a reward for his return. I am very worried about him. He is an indoor/outdoor cat but has never been gone this long.

    Please Contact: Crystal
    (603) 781-8684

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  • Bugs




    Missing Since:
    Male, neut.




    Bugs is a black and white tuxedo cat, with 2 black dots on his nose. He was 9 years old when he went missing, and weighed about 14 lbs. He can be skittish around dogs, but is usually affectionate toward people. He responds when I call him ‘baby kitty’. He has a urinary tract issue, and had been on a special diet for 2 years.  Reward offered.

    Please Contact: Sarah

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  • Brady



    Missing Since: 9/4/10




    My cat Brady is a black, white and brown “tiger” cat, with a black fluffy tail. He is missing from Exeter on Rte. 27 near the Hampton town line. Brady is very friendly and responds to his name.   

    Please Contact: Moira
    (603) 773-8434

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