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  • Jack



    Missing Since: 11/18/10

    Jack is a neutered, male, gray & white tiger cat. He has a microchip. Jack won’t wear a collar or stay inside indefinitely, though it is unusual for him to be gone this long. Missing from the area near Canal & Merrimack Streets. 

    Please Contact: Denise
    (603) 623-1421


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  • Penelope



    Missing Since: 11/12/10
    Female, spayed




     Penelope is a fine boned (very small) muted tortoiseshell, primarily gray and some orange/gray patches throughout. Some rings on legs and tail. One foot is mostly orange, as is the right side of her chest. Her nose is very black. She weighs about 6 to 7 lbs, and she is spayed. She is very friendly, especially with other animals. She was last seen on the Raymond / West side of Rte. 125 near the Holy Grail Restaurant.

     Please Contact: Cherie

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