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  • Sadie







    Missing Since: 12/14/10


    Sadie is an American Short Hair multicolored tabby cat. She has a black and gray striped coat, with a white chest and belly, white paws, yellow eyes, and a white patch on the right side of her face. Sadie is long and skinny, has a long tail, and large ears with rounded tops. Missing from the Brock Street area of Rochester. She has no collar or tags, as she is an indoor-only cat. She is very much loved and missed! 

    Please Contact: Mia
    (603) 300-3607

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  • Rascal

    Missing Since: Dec. 2010
    Male, neut.

    Rascal is a black and white tuxedo cat with a black spot on his pink nose. He is an adult.


    Rascal is primarily an indoor cat who loves to go outside for short periods during the day, when the weather is nice. He is very friendly. He has medical issues and needs to be on a special diet, or he will get very sick, and could die. Last seen in the area of Wheelock Street in Keene. Have you seen Rascal?




    Please Contact: Jeannine
    (603) 762-3654 



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