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  • Yodi



    Missing Since: 1/16/11
    Male (neut)


    Yodi is an all black, Maine Coon mix, with tufts of hair on his cheeks and a big bushy tail. He is a 5 yr. old, long-haired cat with yellow eyes, who weighs about 15 lbs. My two cats went outside for a stroll on Jan. 16th at about 4:30 P.M. My other cat came home, but Yodi did not. He is missing from Salmon Falls Road in East Rochester. 

    Please Contact: Barbara
    (603) 969-7489 (cell) or (603) 516-7541 (work)


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    Missing Since: 1/1/11

    Alonzo, an indoor cat, has been missing since the evening of 1/1/11. He is a black & gray tabby with a white belly and white paws.   He has a distinct calico mark on his lip/chin.  He is 5 years old,  and weighs 12 lbs. He is missing from the area of Waverly Drive and Forest Street in Dover. 




    Please contact: Jenna
    (617) 283-3922


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