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  • Smokey





    Missing Since: 9/27/11
    Male (neut.)


    Smokey is about 12 years old and weighs about 15 pounds. He is a very independent cat, and very affectionate. He loves to hunt and has a cat door that lets him come and go as he pleases, but he has never been gone longer than 24 hours. He lives in the area of Lee between Wadleigh Falls and the Flag Hill Winery. Please help him come home. We miss him!

     Please Contact: Tom or Marianne
    (603) 659-5850

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  • Stanley

    Missing Since: 9/26/11
    Male, neut.

    Stanley is a large white and gray Maine Coon with some tabby stripes. He has a lot of white on his face, and long, thick fur.


    Stanley currently has a bad knot of fur on the back left near his tail that he hasn’t let me brush or cut off. He is a big, gentle boy who weighs close to 20 lbs. He’s eight years old. Missing from North Pond Road in Chester. He may also answer to the name “Belly”.

    Please Contact: Ed or Kandace
    (603) 552-5332 or (603) 965-5699

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  • Bailey





    Missing Since:



    Bailey is a black and white cat who is used to playing outdoors, as she is an indoor-outdoor kitty. However, she did not come home one night and we are very worried about her. She was last seen outside our home in the Outlook Drive area of Wilton. My children, 5 and 6 years old, miss her very much, as do we all. If you see her:

    Please Contact: Catherine
    (603) 654-2834

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  • Mortimer







    Missing Since: 9/14/11
    Male (neut)


    Mortimer is an orange tabby with white back paws, and white tips on his front paws. He also has white on his chest area. He was lost at Shaw Drive, near Whitehall Road and Salmon Falls Road in Rochester. He does have a microchip. If you think you may have seen him: 

    Please Contact: Ali
    (603) 948-1587 or (603) 332-6838 at any hour

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  • Everest




    Missing Since: Sept. 11, 2011





    Everest is a large gray and white long-haired Siberian cat. He has blue eyes. Missing from Bishops Gate Road/Beech Pond Road area of Wolfeboro. He is a very friendly cat. We miss him very much.

    Please Contact: Emilie
    (603) 730-2933

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  • Lucy

    Missing Since: 9/10/11
    Female, spayed

    We are sadly missing Lucy, our 13 year old Siamese cat. She is a small cat with dark tail, feet, face, & back. She escaped from our house around 9/10 and was last seen off Hutchins Street in Concord.

    Lucy is very timid and we are sure she must be so scared. She may be hiding under someone’s porch or in a shed or garage. Please check. If you see her: 



     Please Contact:
    (603) 715-1723




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  • Harley


    Missing Since: 9/7/11
    Male, neut.

    Harley is a male, neutered, domestic short haired orange/buff tabby cat. He has a little white patch on his chest. When last seen, he was wearing his reflective flea collar. He also has a microchip. He’s missing from the Drew Road/ North Shore Road area of Derry. He is friendly, and usually quite vocal.





    Please Contact: Mark
    (603) 548-0453 or
    (888) 466-3242


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  • Callie

    Missing Since: 9/01/11
    Male, neut.

    Callie is a small, black/gray tiger cat with white bib and paws, green eyes, and a freckle in his ear. He is six years old. Last seen at G.H. Carter Road in the Colby Pond area of Danville. Reward offered.


    Please Contact:
    Tom or Misti
    (603) 382-2509

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