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  • Smitty

    Missing Since: 1/12/2012
    Male, Neut.

    Smitty is a three year old male cat who is black on the top, white on the bottom, with a black, off-center moustache-like marking.
    He went out the evening of Feb. 12th, but hasn’t come back. We are hoping he was chased off by something (and got away!) and is trying to find his way back to us. Missing from the end of Fernwood Lane (County Road and Cricket Corner Road area). 

    Please Contact: Dave
    (603) 562-5423

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  • Found in Concord







    This pretty cat was found at Goodwill in Concord, NH, in the hood of somebody’s car. The car had just come from Penacook.

    Please Contact: Megan or Rachel
    (603) 230-7331

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  • Found in Alstead


    Found: 2012

    This cross-eyed cat has wandered into my horse barn, and has been living here for several months now. I first noticed him this summer.  I am feeding and caring for him, though he is pretty feral and I cannot get within 20 feet of him. If he is yours, you are welcome to come and take him home.  Location is Rte. 12A on the south end of town, by the Surry border. 

    Please Contact: Greg
    (603) 762-3190


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  • Found in Somersworth








    This gray and white cat has been found near Indigo Hill Road in Somersworth, NH. Is this your kitty? 

    Please Contact: Angela
    (603) 494-6019

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  • Heavy (not fat) long-haired gray tiger. He is a year old, neutered, and amazingly affectionate. Missing from the Harrantis Lake area in Chester. Have you seen him? 

    Please Contact: Monique
    (603) 370-7692 

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