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  • Daisy


    Missing Since: 11/27/12

    Reunited  11/29/12 
    Missing 2 days


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  • Found in Hooksett

    Found in Hooksett

    Found near Tri-town ice arena in Hooksett.  Very friendly and looks healthy.  Pretty sure it’s a male.

    Please contact: (603) 264-7357




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  • Found in Allenstown

    Found in Allenstown

     There has been a black fluffy cat who has been trying to come into my flower shop for about a month, every night that it has been cold. We would take it in but unfortunately our shop cat does not play well with others. This cat seems very friendly and its fur is very matted. 

    Please Contact: 


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  • Bloo

    Missing Since: 11/12/12


    We adopted him in August, he is amazing cat and unfortunately he got out through an opened door. He has medium length fur, gray and white, and has NO tail. He is extremely friendly and is a big talker. Missing from the Nadine Drive area. Please if you find him, let us know . . . we miss him so much!

    Please Contact: (603) 845-7045


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  • Bengals


    Missing Since: 11/12/12

    Bengals is a spayed female tabby with a gray/brown tiger color pattern. She is about 3 to 4 years old. Looks like she is pregnant, but isn’t. Missing from Main Street in Plaistow.


    Please Contact: Will
    (603) 479-1283

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  • 11/11/12

    Saw a brown and white snowshoe cat approaching the white office building near Stratham circle–Mill Brook Park? Something like that. Not far from NHSPCA, on same side of street, but closer to the circle. The cat was walking on the lawn about 8:30 AM, Sunday. Not sure if the cat is lost or just making his/her daily rounds.

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  • Mose Look-alike


    Missing Since: 11/7/12

    Mose went missing from  Tsienneto Road in Derry, NH, close to the Rte. 102 end.  He is  medium haired, mostly black but with grayish, light stripes and a red nose.  He is also a fairly large cat.  The photo at left is not of Mose but of a very similar looking cat. His body is very long when he stretches out: see picture below.



    Please Contact
    : Sara

    (603) 557-0691 
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  • Otis


    Missing Since: 11/1/12

    Otis is white with NO tail.  He is 5 years old and weighs about 9 pounds.  He has no collar and is not microchipped.  





    Please Contact: Tauna
    Work (603) 899-4239
    Home (603) 532-7663





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  • Found in Manchester

    Found in Manchester

    Appears to be a long haired Maine Coon or tabby cat. Found in the Mammoth Street/Bridge Street area. It seems like this kitty has been outside for quite a while, as he or she is very thin.

    Please Contact:  Melanie
    (603) 860-6582

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  • Thumbs
    Missing Since: 11/2/12

    Thumbs is a young female cat who weighs about 5 lbs. She is a calico cat with brown, white, and black marble markings, and has thumbs. She is a little timid and is wearing a thick black collar that has a electric fence transmitter on it.  She is from the Arlington Pond area in Salem, NH.  She is very much loved and we have been worried about her. Please if you see or have seen her:

    Please Contact: Sean
    (603) 770-7313

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  • Fiona


    Missing Since: 11/2/12
    Reunited: 11/4/12

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  • Mooshu


    Missing Since: 10/10/12

    Mooshu needs his medication!  He is missing in the area of Rte. 107 and Cotton Road. He was placed on a medicine that has caused him to wander to far from home. Long super soft fur, all gray. He is most likely very scared and may not come to a stranger. He would more likely come to the sound of a can being opened. He is 8 years old and has NEVER left my yard before.

    Please Contact:

    (603) 505-7844 or Scott (603) 582-7732

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