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  • Tiger


    Missing Since: 4/23/13

    Tiger is about 5 years old. He slipped out the door, and ran away on 4/23. He is missing from Weare Road, in Seabrook. He is very friendly. Our whole family misses him so much.




    Please Contact: Vera (857) 258-1339



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  • Henniker


    Missing Since: 4/27/13

    Henniker is a spayed female tiger cat, approx. 2-3 years old. Will answer to her name. She has shed her breakaway collar with her tags on it, so doesn’t have anything to identify her. May come to food. Lost on Branch Road, in Weare. We love and miss her very much.

    Please Contact: (603) 717-5770

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  • Mango


    Missing Since: 4/21/13
    Reunited: 4/28/13

    Mango was lost after she fell out of a window. Today, a week later, she has been found! She had been hiding in a wooded area in the front of our condos in a drainage pipe. She is now home safe and sound.


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  • Tones

    Missing Since: 4/19/13

    Tones is very lovable and playable. Most identifiable trait is his shorter than usual tail, which has a scar about 2 inches long  on it. He has white on his chest, belly and paws. Also a little bit on his chin. Rest of him is black.

    Please Contact: Jamie
    (603) 361-2076


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  • Isaac


    Missing Since:

    We are missing our cat, Isaac. He is a young neutered male cat who has short black and white fur.  We live in Derry, but close to the borders of Londonderry, Manchester, Chester, and Auburn.

    Isaac with his dog


    Please Contact: (603) 540-9810






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  • Al


    Missing Since: 4/18/13
    Reunited: 4/21/13


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    Missing Since: 7/2011

    BeBe is a short haired orange tabby. He went missing in July of 2011, and has not yet been found. He was last seen in Nashua, Little Florida, up near Carver Street.

    Please Contact:


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  • Snydley


    Missing Since: 3/31/13

    My missing cat is an eight year old black/gray tiger-striped cat who has some white on his paws and belly. He has double front paws. He is easily startled by loud noises. No collar. He was last seen on Loudon Road in Pittsfield, and may well have traveled through the woods to Leavitt Road.  If you see our cat:

    Please Contact: Heidi
     (603) 520-3536 at any hour 


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    Found: 4/13/13

    This lovely cat was found in North Salem, but was in kidney failure, and so she was euthanized on 4/14/13.

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    Buddy (Little Bit)

    Missing Since: 3/27/13
    Reunited: 7/30/13

    Little Bit is home; he was returned to me after he was missing for over 4 months. Lost a lot of weight, sleeping a lot right now, vet said he’s going to be all right.



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