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  • Oz



    Missing Since: 6/30/13
    Reunited: 7/2/13

    Oz is a house cat who had never been outside before, and since he is partially deaf, we were worried sick.  We put posters up in our neighborhood, and last night we got two calls. One very kind woman stayed near Oz so that we could grab him . . . he’s now home safe and sound after two days! 

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    Missing Since: 6/17/13
    Reunited: 8/12/13

     I would just like you to know that after almost 2 months of being gone we got a big surprise this morning when Jasper showed up at the door. I am so happy. Just wanted to let you guys know, and thanks a lot for your help. A lot of prayers and hope paid off so tell people to not give up! 

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  • Man Face
    Missing Since: 6/19/13
    Reunited 7/19/13

    Man Face is home!


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  • This is a prime time of year for cats to get lost! People are blasting off firecrackers and other explosives any time, anywhere, not only on July 4th, but also the weeks before and after. Please take extra precautions during this time, such as making sure your cats are inside or in a fenced area by dusk each night.

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  • Lucy



    Missing Since: 6/ 26/13
    Reunited: 6/27/13

    Good news! Lucy came home last night after her 24 hour excursion. My best guess is that the sudden thunderstorm scared her and she was hiding somewhere. Although she was soaked and starving upon her return, she was unharmed. She is under house-arrest for a bit!


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  • Found in Sandown


    Found: 6/13

    This cat has been hanging around Little Mill Road in Sandown. He was very skinny, so I’ve been feeding him. He is also very friendly. Is he your cat?

    Please Contact: Sayre

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  • Found in East Hampstead

    Found in East Hampstead


    Found: 6/2013

    This cat has been hanging out on Main Street in East Hampstead, NH, near the Colby Corner intersection. Is anyone looking for this black cat?
    Please Contact: Nick
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  • Buddy

    Buddy look-alike


    Missing Since: 5/24/13

    Buddy is a two year old orange tabby cat, who is striped all over. He looks very similar to the cat in this picture. He was last seen in the vicinity of Summer and Adams Streets. Please contact us with any information; his little girl is missing him. 

    Please Contact: Sue
    (978) 857-7311


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  • Stash



    Missing Since: 5/24/13

    Stash, our black and white, short-haired male cat, has a mustache that looks like a crooked black line across his nose. He went missing in the Old Farm Road/Fox Run Lane area of North Salem. He may have been sighted in the Duston Road area as recently as June 9th. He has no collar, but does have a microchip. Please call us if you see him, and thank you so very much for helping us find our missing cat.

    Please Contact: (603) 890-3983


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  • Babe



    Missing Since: May 2013

    Babe is a 6 year old torti/calico cat who has been missing for 3 weeks. She was lost in the area of Route 1A and Lafayette Road in Portsmouth/Rye. Have you seen her?

    Please Contact: (857) 488-8863



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  • Max


    Missing Since: 6/6/13
    Reunited: 6/9/13

    Max had not been seen since before the big storm: tropical storm Andrea. He has now returned safely on his own several days later.


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  • Marlborough Carrot June 4



    Missing Since: 6/3/13
    Reunited: 6/5/13

    Our cat, Carrot, went missing during the storm that passed through on June 3rd. He finally came home on his own, a few days later!


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  • Hancock Found Maine Coon

    Found in Hancock


    This sweet Maine Coon cat has been hanging around our house for a while now. We think she is female, but are not sure. This cat is really tall with a large head, huge mane, and the tail has a white tip. Seems very hungry and pretty thin. Quite friendly. Found in the NE corner of Hancock, near both the Bennington and Antrim town lines, just west of Rte. 202.

    Please Contact:  Sarah or Jane (603) 525-8181

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