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  • Nika



    Missing Since: 2/24/14
    Reunited: 3/6/14

    I am beyond thrilled to report that Nika is home safely! She’s very thin and a bit panicked, but otherwise in good shape. I believe she may have been trapped in a garage, or storage shed somewhere. We are certainly blessed and extremely thankful to have our baby back!


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  • Found: 2/14

    Long haired white cat, medium-sized, seen in Kingston town hall area. Tried to catch her/him but unable to. Been hearing this cat for a couple of days.

    Please contact: (603) 642-7989


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  • Jojo



    Missing Since: 1/14/14

    Jojo is a 15 year old, neutered male cat who has brown spots on his nose. He is friendly. Missing  in Merrimack near Loop Road/DW Highway. We’ve recently moved, so he could be trying to go back to Bedford Road/Lawrence Road.

    Please contact:


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    Missing Since: 2/10/14
    Reunited: 2/14/14

    Jacob came home on his own after four days. He smelled like he’d had a bath, so someone must have had him in their home. I am thrilled beyond belief to have him back!

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  • Found: 2/4/14
    A black cat was found running scared in a parking lot at the corner of Benton and Hooksett Roads,  in Hooksett. The cat is friendly, and is clearly someone’s pet. Currently, the cat is at the Concord SPCA.

    Please contact:
    (603) 753-6751


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  • Lost in Bedford

    Lost in Bedford


    Missing Since: 1/31/14

    Our smoke gray kitten is six months old, and has white tipped fur. He is missing from the Hawthorne Drive area of Bedford.

    Please contact: (603) 494-8535


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  • Lost in Barnstead or New Hampton

    Lost in Barnstead or New Hampton


    Missing Since: 8/30/13

    Our cat was lost on our trip to New Hampton, Camp Twin Tamarack. When we arrived at the camp, she was nowhere to be seen, so we are not sure if she got out of the car there, or in Barnstead, on North Road, where  we stopped on our way to the camp. She is a calico with an orange stripe in the inside corner of one of her eyes. She has a fluffy tail, longish fur, white paws, and a bump on one side near her ribs.

    Please contact:
    (863) 547-5353


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