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  • Princess



    Missing Since: 3/28/14
    Reunited: 3/31/14

    Our Princess has been found! ! She was walking along a road near our home and was recognized by a driver from a poster we had put up nearby. She’s in great shape, just famished.

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  • Benne



    Missing Since: 3/28/14
    Reunited: 3/30/14

    Benne is our indoor-only cat who got outside. After searching extensively, I went out for yet another sweep and found Benne behind one of the local businesses near my house. That’s right, he is HOME (much to the dog’s dismay).


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  • Here’s another happy ending story:


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  • Bobby



    Missing Since:

    Missing cat, domestic long haired. Gray and white markings. Last seen wearing a red bowtie. Missing from the 3rd Street area of Bedford.

    Please contact:
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  • Found in Swanzey

    Found in Swanzey


    Found: 11/2013

    We found this gray, neutered male cat the week of Thanksgiving, 2013.  No micro-chip detected. He purrs a lot, is very friendly, and enjoys the outdoors. Has a distinctive meow.

    Please contact:


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  • Barley



    Missing Since: 3/2/14

    Barley is an orange and tan DSH cat, who is neutered and has had all of his shots. We recently moved to Cooper Street in Loudon, from Pittsfield, and although he had stayed inside for 8 days, he ran out the door at 5AM on Sunday morning, March 2nd, and has not been able to find his way home since. He is normally an outdoor cat in nicer weather and often disappears for several days, but always returns in the cold or when he is hungry. He is friendly and usually comes if I call his name and shake his treats. He may have tried to go back to Pittsfield, so might be anywhere between his old home and his new one. If you think you may have seen him:

    Please contact: (603) 320-7208 (day) or email me at


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  • Peanut



    Missing Since: 3/12/14
    Reunited: 3/20/14

    Peanut is an 8 month old kitten who got out of the house without permission. At 11:30 last night, after Peanut had been missing for 9 days, my son came in to wake me saying he heard a cat crying outside in a tree, and by the time I got my shoes on, he was gone again. After 20 minutes of searching, my flashlight picked up his eyeshine and I was able to grab him. He was so skinny and has  some sore paws, but other than that  he is in good shape; he is going to the vet right away. I would like to thank everyone for the words of encouragement, prayers, and info . . . thank the good lord also. I will continue to pray for those that have missing cats. And don’t ever give up!!!


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  • Found in Milford

    Found in Milford


    Found: March 2014

    This cat has been hanging around, crying, for the past week. We have been feeding him, but cannot get close to him as he runs away. Seen in the area of Milford near St. Patrick’s church. Is this your cat?

    Please contact:
    (603) 320-5451


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  • Found: March 2014

    White cat with medium/long fur found on Main Street in Kingston. He is friendly, but a little skittish, and loves other cats. We have had him for a week, and have been posting this everywhere, been in touch with vets and animal control. If you think this might be your cat, please contact us immediately, as we can’t keep him forever.

    Please contact: Chris (603) 770-6377


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  • Found: March 2014

    Black short hair cat with big bright yellow eyes has been found in Strafford, NH. My neighbor is currently caring for this sweet cat. I hope to find his/her home soon!

    Please contact:

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    Missing Since: 3/4/14
    Reunited: 3/7/14

    Murphy is home!  He came running across the yard last night.  I really think that someone had him as he was not really hungry or thirsty and seemed absolutely fine for being gone three days.

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  • Found in Barnstead



    Found: 3/2/14
    Reunited: 3/5/14

    Happily, we have found the cat’s owners (through a flyer we posted at the local general store).   
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