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  • Azul



    Missing Since: 8/2014

    Azul is a nine year old, large black cat with yellow eyes. We think he is micro-chipped (there was a mix-up with his adoption papers and his brother’s). He is real tough guy and knows how to take care of himself outside. He is very friendly, and has been mistaken in the past for a stray. Please, if you have found or have been feeding a black cat in the Hanover area near the Co-Op within the past year and a half:

    Please contact: the Lloyd family
    (603) 643-2631


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  • Binx



    Missing Since: 3/1/16

    Binx is a neutered, 11 year old short-haired black and white tuxedo cat. He is an indoor-outdoor cat, but has never stayed away like this before. No collar, as he won’t tolerate one. One of his back paws is white, as are both of his front paws. He has a distinctive marking on the back white paw. Last seen on Melba Drive, off Old Derry Road in Hudson, (near Rte.102). He’s friendly, affectionate, and very vocal. We miss him terribly.

    Please contact: Chantel
    (603) 801-3357


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  • Found in Exeter



    Found: 3/23/16
    Reunited: 3/30/16

    This cat was found near Donna Drive and Meadow Lane in Exeter. No collar or microchip. Now is reunited with his family.


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  • Grinch



    Missing Since: 3/18/16

    Grinch is a young orange tabby, who is under a year old. He got out when a door was accidentally left opened. He is very skittish, and has never been outside before. Please check your sheds and garages, as he is likely hiding somewhere close to home. Missing from Gary Lane in Exeter.

    Please contact: (contact info to come) In the meantime, please contact: or visit our Facebook group page at: and message Grinch’s person directly.


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  • Tang



    Missing Since: 3/18/16
    Reunited: on or about 4/10/16

    We found him hanging out in a neighbor’s yard.


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  • Kitty



    Missing Since: 3/6/16

    Kitty is a three year old, male, orange and white cat. He is very friendly and is used to the outdoors. May respond to his name. He sometimes limps on his right side, both front and back paws. Missing from Hampton Road, in Exeter.

    Please contact: Tim (207) 271-6009
    or Margaret (603) 858-1907


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  • Missing Since: 3/15/16

    My cat is a small, fixed calico. She is missing from Summit Road in Goffstown.

    Please contact: Melissa (603) 717-1094


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  • Patches



    Missing Since: 3/9/16

    Patches is a tabby cat with white belly and chest, partly white paws/legs, and white on her face. Her stripes are a mixture of orange tabby and dark tabby, often referred to as “tabico” (a mixture of calico colors and tabby markings). This picture is an old one, she is now 9 years old and much fuller, though not fat. She is missing from Concord Street, in the east side area of Manchester. We just want our baby home. If you have seen her or any cat that might be her:

    Please contact: (603) 264- 7741


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  • Robert



    Missing Since: 3/7/16

    Robert is a black and white tuxedo cat missing from Academy Street in Dover. We miss him so much!

    Please contact: (603) 856-4715


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  • Londonderry FB 2 Found tabby Mar 5

    Found in Londonderry


    Found: Feb. 2015

    This tabby was found on High Range Road just north of Sunnycrest Apples in Londonderry. If this might be your lost cat:

    Please contact: (603) 505-6172


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  • Found: approx. 2/29/16

    Over the last few days I have spotted a black and white tuxedo cat with yellow eyes and white whiskers. I have been leaving food out for him/her. Seems good with other cats but is very timid of me, and runs when I try to approach. Seems to meow a good amount. Seen in downtown Nashua, near Lake Street and Labine.

    Please contact:


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  • Missing in Franklin, NH

    Missing in Franklin, NH


    Missing Since: 2/29/16

    On Monday morning our black and white male cat managed to get out. He is very friendly. Missing from the area of Franklin near Franklin Falls Dam.

    Please contact: Robin
    (603) 998-2932


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