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  • Tia



    Missing Since: 6/20/16

    Tia is an orange tabby with black stripes and white chest,  paws, and belly. Also has some white stripes on her tail.  Blue eyes. She is 15 months old, and fixed. Was not wearing her collar when she went missing. She loves to be spoken to in a high-pitched voice;  has a wonderful personality, and even gets along with dogs. She is dearly missed, especially by our kids. Missing from Windham Road in Hudson. Please, if you see a cat that might be Tia:

    Please contact:


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  • Found: 6/26/16

    I got a quick glimpse of an orange tabby with a white bib (maybe white feet, too–not sure) in the vicinity of Charles Street and May Street in Rochester. The cat had a long, thin body. I didn’t see whether it had a collar on. When I called to the cat, he/she darted off. I never saw this cat around here before, and he might have come from anywhere, but he/she might have been frightened by all the fireworks last night at the fairgrounds, and may have run, and ended up here. The cat was heading toward May Street. Is this your missing cat?

    Please contact: Sandy
    (603) 335-4299


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  • Bonita



    Missing Since: 6/19/16
    Reunited: 7/7/16

    Bonita was missing for two weeks when a neighbor who had seen our signs called to tell us Bonita was under her house and wouldn’t come out. We set out a Hav-a-Hart trap, and waited. It took days, but finally, she took the bait. Now she is home, safe and sound, after 18 days.


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  • Missing in Derry


    Gray cat
    Missing Since: 6/21/16

    Our young (2 to 3 years old) gray, male, short-haired cat is missing since early this morning. He lost his collar so has no tag. Missing from Frost Road in Derry. If you see him:

    Please contact: (785) 764-1828
    or email:


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  • Brooks



    Missing Since: 6/19/16
    Reunited: 6/20/16

    Brooks is an indoor-only kitten who got outside, and then was skittish about coming back in. We placed his food inside the house and left the door open, and  it wasn’t long before we heard him meowing and coming inside to eat!


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  • Olaf Look-alike

    Olaf Look-alike


    Missing Since: 6/15/16

    Olaf is a long haired orange cat, about 2 years old. The cat in the photo is not really him, but looks exactly like Olaf looked when he was a kitten. He now weighs about 10 or 12 lbs., and has a pink mouth with dark freckles. If you feel around the back of his neck he has a few small matted clumps of hair. Olaf is a talker; he likes to meow. He has a great affection for food, and if you shake a bag of snacks he will get very excited. He was last seen on High Street in Somersworth. He also might answer to the name “Baby Boy”. If you see a cat who might be our Olaf:

    Please contact: (603) 740-4050
    or (email)


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  • Cleo



    Missing Since: 6/13/16
    Reunited: 6/23/16

    Cleo was lost right outside her vet’s office. Ten days later, she was spotted about a tenth of a mile away, and now she is home!


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  • Pooky



    Missing Since: 5/29/16

    Pooky is an indoor-only, neutered male tabby cat. He has light and dark brown swirls and stripes throughout his short hair, with a patch of white under his chin, and white muzzle area. He was not wearing a collar and does not have a micro-chip. Missing from Cardinal Drive in Bedford, near Oriole Drive. If you see him, please contact his very worried family:

    Please contact:  Peter (603) 361-2402


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  • Missing from Billerica

    Missing in Billerica


    Missing Since: 5/17/16

    Our missing cat is a neutered, four year old Siamese mix with blue eyes.  He is a very friendly indoor/outdoor cat. We believe that he may have been brought to New Hampshire.  Last seen on Carmena Road off of River Street in Billerica.

    Please contact: (978) 967-7386
    or (email)


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  • Willow



    Missing Since: 5/2016

    Willow is a neutered, seven year old white cat with black spots. Last seen in Reading, VT in late April, but we wonder if he might be in New Hampshire, since we recently moved here from Hampton.  Very friendly, but shy. He has a micro-chip.

    Please contact: (603) 731-1450
    or (email)


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  • Wilbur



    Missing Since: 5/31/16
    Reunited: 6/28/16

    A neighbor took him in and kept him for almost a month. Now he is home!


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  • Wilson



    Missing Since: 6/2/16

    Wilson is a 10 month old, spayed, short-haired tabby with black stripes. She is on the small side. Very lovable. Might be wearing her magenta collar. Missing from Bay Road in Farmington. If found:

    Please contact:  Mariah or Brent
    (603) 978-1145


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  • Charlie



    Missing Since: 6/7/16
    Reunited: 6/7/16

    Charlie is safe at home. He was locked in a closet.


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  • Missing in Durham

    Missing in Durham


    Missing Since: 6/3/16

    He’s three years old, with short black and white fur, with a black spot on his nose.  He was wearing his camouflage collar with a bell on it. Last seen in the woods between Saratoga Circle and Rte. 155A, around the cottages. If you see him:

    Please contact:
    or (626) 716-8299 (call or text)
    or Cocheco Valley Humane Soc. (603) 749-5322


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  • Found in Warner

    Found in Warner


    Found: Approx. 6/2/16
    Reunited: 6/19/16

    This cat was with us for over two weeks. It turns out he lived only a few streets away, and is now back home.



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