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  • Carlos


    Missing Since: 5/19/17

    Carlos is a black and white cat, with a distinctive part white/part black face, and black chin. His front legs are white, as is his underside. Medium-sized, with short hair. Missing from Whittier Street in Dover. Please check your basements, garages, etc. in case he might be hiding or trapped there.

    Please contact: (603) 969-4002


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  • Ty


    Missing Since: 5/26/17
    Reunited: 6/2/17

    Ty is home.


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  • Ollie


    Missing Since: 5/27/17
    Reunited: 6/11/17

    Ollie is home!


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  • Mr. Knight


    Mr. Knight
    Missing Since: 5/27/17
    Reunited: 5/29/17

    Mr. Knight, an indoor-only cat, is now home, safe and sound.


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  • Found: 5/12/17

    A dark tabby cat was just found in Rochester. Not sure of the gender. The cat had semi-long fur, and was a black and gray tiger-striped tabby without a collar and no microchip. This was an emaciated, elderly cat lying motionless at the intersection of Summer and Allen Streets. An attempt was made to locate the owner, but nobody in the area had ever seen the cat before. A good Samaritan brought the cat to the Animal Health Center in Rochester, ready to pay for his or her care, but the vet felt that the cat was so ill that the only option was to humanely euthanize, and end the cat’s suffering. The cat was in the final stages of kidney failure, dehydrated, and emaciated. At least in the end the cat knew a warm blanket and a loving touch. If you think this might be your missing cat, I am very sorry for your loss.

    Please contact: Animal Health Center (603) 332-3358


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  • Oliver


    Missing Since: 5/9/17
    Reunited: 5/15/17

    Oliver was found.


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  • George


    Missing Since: 5/10/17
    Reunited: 5/11/17

    George is home!


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  • Onyx


    Missing Since: 5/7/17
    Reunited: 5/9/17

    Onyx is home.


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  • Reunited


    Missing Since: 5/7/17
    Reunited: 5/8/17

    We have located our cat!  He is home safe and we are so….relieved.  He was an indoor cat and I had read the information from your website about the Silent Factor. It was very beneficial and we have been searching the area including neighborhood all morning.  We found him in our garage even though we had searched it 3 to 4 times and he never cried out. No one knew he was in the garage since he must have slipped by us without notice.  He  obviously was hidden very well.  We are very happy that we found him. 

    Note: The Silence Factor is a term coined by Kat Albrecht of Missing Pet Partnership. It refers to the survival tactic that cats use when very frightened, hurt, or sick. They hide in silence, and will not respond to your call as they normally would, even though you may be right near their hiding spot. Even if  you shake their treats, and they are  hungry, they might not respond. Eventually they reach their threshold for hunger and thirst, and break cover, but it might take hours, or even days or weeks, especially if they are able to eat bugs or rodents in the meantime.


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  • Grayson


    Missing Since:

    Grayson is a tan cat with some dark tabby markings. Missing from the Oak Bridge Condos on Fisherville Road in Concord.

    Please contact: Tina
    (603) 315-4893


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  • Wallie


    Missing Since: 9/2015

    Wallie is a neutered, seven year old orange tabby who has been missing a while. He has very defined brown/dark orange stripes on his coat, with a white spot on his chest, and greenish eyes.  He had never been outside before, and is super shy, but very loving once he gets to know you. He was staying with a friend and got out of her house. I was younger then, and didn’t know how to search for my cat, so I just thought all hope was lost.  Please help me reunite with my Wallie. I still miss him very much and cry for him. He went missing from Teli Lane in Gilmanton.

    Please contact:


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