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  • Missing in Bradford


    Missing Since: 6/26/17

    Two gray and white, bonded brothers with medium length hair. They are very skittish, and new to the area. Went missing from Fairgrounds Road in Bradford. May try to find their way back to French Road in Henniker. If you see a cat that might be one of them:

    Please contact:

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  • Meatball


    Missing Since: 6/21/17

    Meatball is a gray and white short-haired cat. Missing from Nashua Road/Meetinghouse Road in Windham. We abut the old railroad trail, so he might have ventured into neighborhoods on the other side, such as Millstone Road, Old Mill Road, and Kendall Pond Road. If you see a gray and white cat that might be him:

    Please contact: (603) 548-5487
    If you can snap a photo him, please text it to me at the number above.
    or (email)


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  • Mittens


    Missing Since: 6/15/17
    Reunited: 7/2/17

    A neighbor saw Mittens near his home, and he was successfully trapped.


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  • Missing in Hudson


    Black Cat
    Missing Since: 6/24/17

    Overweight, spayed black cat missing from Barretts Hill Road and Oliver Drive area of Hudson. If you see our cat:

    Please contact: Judy (603) 521-5208 or John (603) 493-0373
    or (email)


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  • Drake


    Missing Since: 6/26/17

    Drake is a 3 year old gray Bengal cat with black stripes and white on his belly. Medium-length hair with big fluffy tail. He is very friendly and we miss him a lot. Last seen near Campbell Road in Bedford. Also goes by the name “Kitty”. 

    Please contact: (734) 904-1700
    or (email)

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  • Found in Dover


    Found: 6/27/17

    This handsome gray, intact male cat was found in the vicinity of Old Rochester Road and Long Hill Road in Dover. He has a small area of white on his abdomen, and gold eyes. He is very affectionate and loves belly rubs. To ensure his safety and to get some medical attention for an eye problem, he was brought to Cocheco Valley Humane Society on 6/27. I hope he finds his owner soon!

    Please contact:  CVHS (603) 749-5322


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  • Kitnoir


    Missing Since: 6/17/17

    KitNoir is a semi-feral cat we have been feeding, and who has been living on our property since January.  He or she is all black, short-haired, and eyes change from green to gold. Very healthy. I had just gotten to the point where I could get close enough to plan to trap him/her, but then the cat disappeared on Father’s Day, which was a very hot day. We love him/her and are very worried. Missing from Robson Lane and Francestown Road, near the Francestown line.

    Please contact: (603) 505-8114


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  • Millie


    Missing Since: 6/22/17

    Millie is a dark tabby with a little bit of orange tortoiseshell coloring. She is almost a year old. When last seen, she was wearing her pink collar with tags that have our phone number and her microchip number. She is very friendly and loves treats. Missing from the Manchester/Bedford line, near Boynton Street. If you live in that area, please check your garages and basements in case she might have gotten trapped.

    Please contact:


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  • Phoebe
    Missing Since: 6/20/17
    Reunited: 6/22/17

    Phoebe came home!


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  • Ashes


    Missing Since: 6/14/17
    Reunited: 6/20/17

    Ashes, an eight year old, declawed, indoor-only cat is home!


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  • Hatchie


    Missing Since: 6/9/17
    Reunited: 6/14/17

    Hatchie is home.


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  • Wee


    Missing Since: 6/4/17
    Reunited: 6/5/17

    Wee is an indoor-only cat who got out through a window. She was found the next day, hiding silently in the garage.


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  • Max


    Missing Since: 5/30/17

    Max is a large, neutered two year old black and white cat, with some tabby markings on his face.  He has a black tail, and his front legs are completely white. Microchipped. He is missing from North Road in Candia, between Merrill and Horizon.

    Please contact: Michelle or Mike (603) 785-7736
    or (email)


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  • Tootsie


    Missing Since: 5/26/17

    Tootsie is a gray tabby with white bib and white around her mouth. Her head is on the small side, and she has a round body. Wearing a pink collar with a ball on it. She is not especially friendly, but might come if food were offered. Missing from Mill Street in Dover.

    Please contact: Dee (603) 312-8946
    or (email)


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