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  • Mittens


    Missing Since: 8/28/17
    Reunited: 9/4/17

    Mittens has been found.


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  • Agatha


    Missing Since: 8/28/17
    Reunited: 8/30/17

    Agatha came home!


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  • Marvin


    Missing Since: 8/22/17

    Marvin is a blind gray and white cat. He will come to clapping. He is missing from Newmarket Road (108) across from Laurel Lane. If you live in that area, please check your garages, basements (if you leave the windows/door open, cats can get in but maybe can’t get out) and outbuildings in case he might be hiding there.

    Please contact: (603) 828-1107 or (603) 312-0017
    or email:


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  • Lady B is home!


    Lady B
    Missing Since: 8/9/17

    Reunited: 8/21/17

    Lady B is home!


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  • This cat found a new home.


    Found: 8/17/17
    Rehomed: 9/11/17

    After a continued effort to find this cat’s family produced no results,  a good home was found for him.


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  • Kit Kat


    Kit Kat
    Missing Since: 8/7/17

    Kit Kat is a ten year old, medium-sized, gray and white neutered male cat. He has special health needs and must be fed Purina UR food. Missing from Baptist Road in Canterbury.  Please check your sheds, outbuildings, and basements.

    Please contact:  Jim (603) 848-8321 (cell)
    (603) 783-0220
    or email:


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  • Reymond


    Missing Since: 8/8/17

    Reymond is a large (21 lbs), neutered, buff and white tabby. He has buff, or light orange, patches on his white fur, and a buff-colored tail. He is 9 years old. Last seen on Jamaica Lane in Nashua, off Country Hill Road. Broad Street area near Nashua North High School. Microchipped.

    Please contact: Michael (603) 566-0562
    or email:


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  • Daphne


    Missing Since: 8/10/17
    Reunited: 8/11/17

    Daphne was hiding underneath the porch, and her family found her!


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  • Fanny


    Missing Since: 8/7/17

    Fanny is a 14 year old, black and white indoor cat, who has asthma, and a very quiet meow. She is shy around people, but also very friendly once she gets to know them. Missing from Frost Road, near Windham line in Derry.

    Please contact: (781) 727-7872
    or email:


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  • Jasper


    Missing Since: 7/30/17

    Jasper is a gray Savannah with darker gray spots, and gray tabby stripes on his forehead.  He is three years old, and weighs about eleven lbs. He is friendly, but cautious. He was wearing his orange collar with a blue name tag, and a gray box attached. Missing from Beacon Hill Road near Morrill Road in Hooksett.

    Please contact: (603) 320-0225
    or email:


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  • Amaya


    Missing Since: 8/1/17

    Amaya is an 11 year old Bengal cat who is light brown with dark brown spots and a striped tail. Missing in West Epping on  Rte. 27, between exit 5 and 6. Please check under trailers, in sheds, garages, and basements (if the windows or door is open). She will come when you call her. Please contact us if you have seen her (dead or alive). We are heartbroken and miss her immensely.

    Please contact: (603) 380-4778
    or  email:


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