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  • Ella


    Missing since: 11/10/17

    Ella is an intact male cat who is solid gray except for a small white patch on his chest. He is very friendly. Missing from Trinity Circle in Rochester (off Flagg Road/Rte. 125). We had just moved to the area and so he might be making his way to his old house at Quarry Drive (off Old Dover Road/Lowell Street).

    Please contact: Corey (603) 817-2438


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  • Max


    Missing Since: 11/17/17

    Max is a marble black and brown Bengal/tabby cat. He is very vocal, and a sweet, playful guy. He is an indoor-only cat who got outside, and we have just recently moved to the area. We are extremely worried about him, and his brother, who he has been with since birth, is truly lost without him. Missing from Summer Street in Goffstown, near Sully’s.

    Please contact: Dan (603) 540-8566


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  • Maleficent


    Missing Since: 11/5/17

    Maleficent is a brown and black half-Maine Coon Cat, with dark tabby colors, and black stripes on her front paws.  When she went missing, she weighed about 10 lbs.  She went missing from Apple Orchard Road in Rochester, near Frisbee Memorial Hospital.

    Please contact: (603) 973-2698
    or email:


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  • Found in Allenstown


    Found: 11/15/17

    This dilute tortoiseshell cat, gray and orange, has been coming to my porch, hungry and cold. Super sweet. Has a small stump for a tail. She is in the School Street area of Allenstown. If she is your cat, or you know where she belongs:

    Please contact: (603) 892-2732


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  • Pepper


    Missing Since: 10/22/17

    Pepper is a large, friendly, 8 year old gray tabby with a white bib, white paw tips, and green eyes. He is a neutered male. Last seen in our screened porch in Olympic Village near Wintergreen Drive and Turkey Hill Road in Merrimack. He is microchipped. Pepper’s family and friends are very worried, and praying for a miracle. Reward offered for his safe return.

    Please contact:  (603) 714-5733


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  • Bea


    Missing Since: 11/8/17

    Bea is a brown/black short haired striped tiger cat, with a bit of white around her mouth. She is an indoor-only cat, and very fearful, so if you see her please do not try to catch her. She will run. She is missing from Chase Road, near Mammoth Road, in Londonderry.

    Please contact: Kat (603) 437-3447


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  • Snickers


    Missing Since: 10/20/17

    Snickers is a six year old, long-haired calico cat with a big white ruff on her chest, white paws, white on her face, and a big fluffy tail. Her colors are orange, black, and white. She is missing from the area of Allenstown near New Rye Road and Deerfield Road, near Epsom and Bear Brook.

    Please contact: (603) 365-0231


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  • Coco


    Missing Since: 11/2/17

    Coco is a black and white kitten who is about 7 or 8 months old. She is mostly black with a white spot on her nose and by the side of her mouth, white paws, and a white bib on her neck/chest. In the photos at left, the first cat pictured is not Coco, but is about the same age and size as Coco is now. The other photos are of Coco when she was younger. She is missing from Merrimack/Union Street area of Manchester. If you see her:

    Please contact: (603) 361-9859
    or email:


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  • Found in Concord


    Found: 11/4/17

    This black kitten (about 8 months old) with medium/long hair and a big fluffy tail was found in the Franklin Street area of Concord. Yellow eyes. Very skinny, and quite friendly. Does not have a microchip. Is this your missing kitten?

    Please contact:


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  • Found in Auburn


    Found: 10/30/17

    This black and orange tortoiseshell with an orange nose was found on Hunting Road in Auburn. She is on the small side. If this is your cat, or you who she belongs to: 

    Please contact:


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  • Mikah


    Missing Since: 10/31/17
    Reunited: 11/4/17

    Mikah came home!


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