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  • Gerard


    Missing Since: 9/4/17

    Gerard is an orange tabby with short hair. Most of his fur is either orange or light yellow/orange, and his only white markings are around his eyes and on his chin. He has amber/yellow eyes. He is neutered, and is between four and six years old. He is an indoor-only cat who is normally very vocal and friendly around strangers, but might be more skittish and shy now. Missing from the Emerald Lake Village District in Hillsborough. If you see him:

    Please contact: (603) 545-1790 (text)
    or email:


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  • Mr. Kitty


    Mr. Kitty
    Missing Since: 2/6/18
    Reunited: 3/2/18

    Mr. Kitty is home! He was hiding under the porch.


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  • Leo


    Missing Since: 1/31/18

    Leo is an all black, six month old kitten. He is on the small side. Missing from Everett Dam Road in Dunbarton. If you see a cat that might be Leo:

    Please contact: (603) 717-2878
    or email:


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