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  • Dionne


    Missing Since: 11/20/17

    Dionne is a small, calico tabby, mostly gray with some buff/orange markings and white paws and stomach. She was wearing her grey flea collar that has reflectors on it. Missing from Main Street, in Somersworth.

    Please contact:


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  • Ella


    Missing since: 11/10/17

    Ella is an intact male cat who is solid gray except for a small white patch on his chest. He is very friendly. Missing from Trinity Circle in Rochester (off Flagg Road/Rte. 125). We had just moved to the area and so he might be making his way to his old house at Quarry Drive (off Old Dover Road/Lowell Street).

    Please contact: Corey (603) 817-2438


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  • Found in Allenstown


    Found: 11/15/17

    This dilute tortoiseshell cat, gray and orange, has been coming to my porch, hungry and cold. Super sweet. Has a small stump for a tail. She is in the School Street area of Allenstown. If she is your cat, or you know where she belongs:

    Please contact: (603) 892-2732


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  • Pepper


    Missing Since: 10/22/17

    Pepper is a large, friendly, 8 year old gray tabby with a white bib, white paw tips, and green eyes. He is a neutered male. Last seen in our screened porch in Olympic Village near Wintergreen Drive and Turkey Hill Road in Merrimack. He is microchipped. Pepper’s family and friends are very worried, and praying for a miracle. Reward offered for his safe return.

    Please contact:  (603) 714-5733


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  • Jellybean


    Missing Since: 10/7/17

    Jellybean is a small, silver gray cat who weighs about eight pounds. She is an indoor-only cat who got out and is still missing. She has a microchip but no collar. Missing in the Holly Hill Drive area of Amherst. She is missed so much! If you think you may have seen Jellybean:

    Please contact: Anne (603) 785-4142


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  • Mr. White


    Mr. White
    Missing Since: 8/30/17

    Mr. White is a three year old, neutered male cat who is white with gray tabby markings on his head, legs, and body. He has blue eyes. Missing from the area of Gilmanton near Rte. 140 and the Four Corners. He is very friendly and we miss him so much!

    Please contact:


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  • Bruschi


    Missing Since: August 2014

    Bruschi is a large, fluffy, gray and white Maine Coon Cat. Gray under the chin and on nose leather. He is usually shy around people. Went missing from the area of Milford near North River Road and Jennison Road. Have you seen him? He is much loved, and we have been searching for him for a long time.

    Please contact: Gene (603) 204-1370
    or email:


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  • Marvin


    Missing Since: 8/22/17

    Marvin is a blind gray and white cat. He will come to clapping. He is missing from Newmarket Road (108) across from Laurel Lane. If you live in that area, please check your garages, basements (if you leave the windows/door open, cats can get in but maybe can’t get out) and outbuildings in case he might be hiding there.

    Please contact: (603) 828-1107 or (603) 312-0017
    or email:


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  • Jasper


    Missing Since: 7/30/17

    Jasper is a gray Savannah with darker gray spots, and gray tabby stripes on his forehead.  He is three years old, and weighs about eleven lbs. He is friendly, but cautious. He was wearing his orange collar with a blue name tag, and a gray box attached. Missing from Beacon Hill Road near Morrill Road in Hooksett.

    Please contact: (603) 320-0225
    or email:


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  • Missing in Bradford


    Missing Since: 6/26/17

    Two gray and white, bonded brothers with medium length hair. They are very skittish, and new to the area. Went missing from Fairgrounds Road in Bradford. May try to find their way back to French Road in Henniker. If you see a cat that might be one of them:

    Please contact:

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  • Drake


    Missing Since: 6/26/17

    Drake is a 3 year old gray Bengal cat with black stripes and white on his belly. Medium-length hair with big fluffy tail. He is very friendly and we miss him a lot. Last seen near Campbell Road in Bedford. Also goes by the name “Kitty”. 

    Please contact: (734) 904-1700
    or (email)

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  • Found in Dover


    Found: 6/27/17

    This handsome gray, intact male cat was found in the vicinity of Old Rochester Road and Long Hill Road in Dover. He has a small area of white on his abdomen, and gold eyes. He is very affectionate and loves belly rubs. To ensure his safety and to get some medical attention for an eye problem, he was brought to Cocheco Valley Humane Society on 6/27. I hope he finds his owner soon!

    Please contact:  CVHS (603) 749-5322


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  • Tootsie


    Missing Since: 5/26/17

    Tootsie is a gray tabby with white bib and white around her mouth. Her head is on the small side, and she has a round body. Wearing a pink collar with a ball on it. She is not especially friendly, but might come if food were offered. Missing from Mill Street in Dover.

    Please contact: Dee (603) 312-8946
    or (email)


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  • Is this your missing cat?


    Found: 4/9/17

    This gray tabby showed upon our doorstep, on Stage Road in Nottingham, near Old Turnpike Road/Rte. 4. Is this your cat?

    Please contact:


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  • Sweet Pea

    Sweet Pea


    Sweet Pea
    Missing Since: 1/5/16

    Sweet Pea is a neutered, gray and white bi-color tabby Siamese mix, whose tail has dark stripes. He is about a year and a half old, and has never been outside before. He is timid, and I am worried sick with the cold temperatures.  Not wearing a collar. Missing in the area of Oak Hollow Road off Poor Farm Road in New Ipswich. Please, if you live nearby, please check your garages, sheds, barns, basements, and other hiding places near your house.

    Please contact: (603) 878-2878


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  • Chubbahs



    Missing Since: 9/12/16

    Chubbahs is a gray and white cat with long fur, white chest, white paws, belly, and chin, and has a white nose stripe. Fluffy tail.We have had him ever since he was born, and he is very loved. He is a therapy cat who has brought joy to many children and residents in hospitals and long term care facilities. It is possible that someone picked him up, thinking he was a stray. But he is a much loved member of our family. He is on a special diet and needs his medication. Missing from Old Nottingham Road in Epping. Reward offered for his safe return. If you see a cat that might be Chubbahs:

    Please contact: (617) 758- 9134 (cell)
    or (email)


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  • Is this your missing cat?

    Is this your missing cat?


    Found: Summer 2016

    This friendly gray tabby has been hanging around all summer, and now that the weather is getting cold, we think the cat might not belong to anyone. The cat is around all day, and is being fed, but we can’t bring the cat indoors because of our other cats.  Has been seen on Boston Street in the north end of Manchester. Has now been brought to Manchester Animal Shelter.

    Please contact: Manchester Animal Shelter
    (603) 628-3544


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  • Mr. Hitchens

    Mr. Hitchens


    Mr. Hitchens
    Missing Since: 11/3/16

    Mr. Hitchens is an approximately three year old, Russian Blue cat. He is small (6 to 8 pounds) and has a lazy eye. Very vocal and friendly, and may be wearing a gray flea collar. He was last seen in the area of Royal Lane and Chandler Drive in Londonderry. If you see a cat that might be him:

    Please contact:


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  • Virgil



    Missing Since: 10/9/16

    Virgil is a 12 year old gray tabby, with a white belly and chin, and green eyes. He is a big boy, weighing about 18 pounds. Neutered, and  microchipped, but not wearing a collar. He’s shy, but might come to a stranger for food. Missing from Wellesley Drive, near Ballard Road/Ledge Road/ Bridge Street (Rte. 38) in Pelham. Generous reward offered for his safe return. If you see him:

    Please contact: Jessica (617) 230-9368 or Eugenio (617) 820-1811
    or (email)


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  • Mojo



    Missing Since: 10/13/16

    Mojo is part Devon Rex and part Sphinx, which means he does not have long cat fur; he appears to be hairless, but close inspection will show that he does have hair, it is just very short.  He is an indoor-only cat who got out through a window. Missing from Chrissy Circle in Barrington. Our vet is Great Falls Veterinarian Hospital. If you find him, and he’s injured, please email us or bring him to Great Falls.

    Please contact:


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