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  • Kimchi


    Missing Since: 11/19/17
    Reunited: 11/24/17

    Kimchi is home! He made his way back to our house and was found under our large back deck.


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  • Simon



    Missing Since: 10/3/16

    Simon is a seven year old, dark tabby with a white chest, white paws, and a pink nose.  He also has white around his mouth and nose. Missing from Scott Lane in Sandown. If you see a cat that might be Simon”

    Please contact: (978) 790-6996


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  • Mr. Patches

    Mr. Patches


    Mr. Patches
    Missing Since: 9/1/16

    Mr. Patches is a dark tabby with a white front and a mostly white face, and one eye covered with dark tabby markings. Pink nose. He is missing from Bluff Street, in Salem. Micro-chip in neck.

    Please contact: Jean (508) 317-8237


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  • Dacre



    Missing Since: 8/7/16
    Reunited: 8/11/16

    Dacre came running home last night after four scary days. She’s currently in my arms and is being fed and loved, and is safe, thankfully.


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  • Bobby



    Missing Since: 2/3/16

    Bobby is a three year old orange and white tabby. He accidentally got out and now we cannot find him. His little brother misses him terribly, and so do we. He is not just a cat, he is part of our family.

    Please contact: (603) 560-6302


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  • Chandler



    Missing Since: 11/8/15
    Reunited: 11/10/15

    Chandler is home! He was at a neighbor’s house.


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  • Lost in Salem

    Lost in Salem


    Missing Since: 6/30/15

    My father’s cat has been missing since 6/30. She is spayed and micro-chipped to my parents.  Missing in the Bridge Street and Douglas Drive area of Salem. Not wearing a collar.

    Please contact: Diana (email)
    or Tom or Nancy at (603) 893-248


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  • Is this your lost cat?

    Is this your lost cat?


    Found: May 2015

    This sweet cat has been hanging around our house by the Arlington Mill Reservoir in Salem for a few days. I have a feeling he’s been missing for a long time, because he is very skinny, and his medium-length fur is quite matted. He has a white stripe on his nose, also some white on the paws. He is vocal and affectionate, fine with being touched and picked up. He is clearly used to people. We will be bringing him to the Salem Animal Rescue League on May 28.

    Please contact: Salem Animal Rescue League
    (603) 893-3210


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  • We share some additional lost and found cats on our Facebook page that might not appear on this website (and vice versa) so please be sure to check both places:


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  • Patches



    Missing Since: 4/18/15



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  • Found in Salem

    Found in Salem


    Found: July 2014

    Friendly cat, scratching at the door trying to get in. When we went outside it was very affectionate. Is this your cat?

    Please contact: email:




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  • Pumpkin



    Missing Since: 6/5/14

    Lost orange and white male cat, 9 months old. He has an all-white stomach with an orange patch towards the rear. He is very friendly.  Lost since 6/5/14 around School Street and Bannister Street in Salem.  If seen:

    Please contact: email:


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  • Gizzy



    Missing Since: 5/5/14
    Reunited: 5/9/14

    I am so happy to tell you Gizzy is now home. I think he was around the whole time.  Last night he came to door but ran when I opened it tonight he came for treats nuzzled up and came in the house.  So thankful.  We got some ticks but it will be ok.  


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  • Blackie



    Missing since: 4/1/14

    Black, short-haired male cat went missing 4/1/14 about 10 A.M. in Royal Circle area. Right front leg has an area that was shaved. Please help me find Blackie.

    Please contact: Maureen
    (603) 401-3772


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  • Kitten missing in Salem


    Missing Since: 3/22/13

    We are missing our 6 month old black kitten. She has medium/long fur. She went missing in the morning, from the area of Friendship Drive and Westchester Street near South Broadway in Salem. Reward offered. She is very much loved and missed.


    Missing in Salem



    Please Contact: (978) 314-8000 or (978) 808-7704


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  • Thumbs
    Missing Since: 11/2/12

    Thumbs is a young female cat who weighs about 5 lbs. She is a calico cat with brown, white, and black marble markings, and has thumbs. She is a little timid and is wearing a thick black collar that has a electric fence transmitter on it.  She is from the Arlington Pond area in Salem, NH.  She is very much loved and we have been worried about her. Please if you see or have seen her:

    Please Contact: Sean
    (603) 770-7313

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  • Found in Derry



    This friendly young cat was found in the Derry/North Salem area, near Rte. 111. He is very vocal, meowing constantly for attention. Looks like he’s been lost a while as he is very skinny and had some ticks which we’ve removed. He has light orange fur, yellow/gold eyes, and is affectionate and sweet. No collar or tags. If you think this might be your cat: 

    Please Contact: Sara


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  • Will Feral





    Will Feral
    Missing Since: 8/14/11
    Male, neut.


    I am missing my cat, Will Feral, a tan/gray snowshoe tuxedo cat with white chest, paws, and facial markings. He has blue eyes and a black spot on his nose. Will Feral is about 3 or 4 years old. He is missing from the area around Porcupine Circle in Salem, NH. We miss him terribly. Reward offered. 

    Please Contact: LouAnn
    (603) 233-0557

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  • Mr.Tibbs


    Mr. Tibbs
    Missing Since: 7/2010

    Mr. Tibbs is around eight years old, and walks with a slight limp. His coat is more orange than yellow, and he has white marks like tear stains on his handsome face. He answers to “Tibbie”, and has a habit of getting into vehicles. We think maybe he might have sneaked into a car or truck and took a ride somewhere. He doesn’t like to be indoors very long, as it makes him nervous. He vanished from his foster home close to the Salem/Pelham town line.

     Please Contact: Denise
    (978) 332-7506

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