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    Here’s a story about a man in England who found his lost cat after 11 years, thanks to a micro-chip:







    Simon is home! (Missing 25 days)

    I am so, so happy to report that after 25 days on his “adventure,” Simon is now home! These “Happy Endings” stories were such a comfort to me throughout this ordeal and so I am just delighted to write one today.

    Simon escaped into the woods around our house more than three weeks ago. Since he is an indoor-only cat, we were very worried about his chances in the outside world, especially as time crept on. Still, we refused to give up hope and followed all of the advice on this and other sites, covering our neighborhood with flyers, posting online, speaking personally with neighbors, leaving out food/water/catnip/familiar smelling toys on the deck, and going on multiple daily searches. Despite our best efforts, the first two weeks we saw and heard nothing, and feared the worst. Then, last week, Simon was spotted late at night by two different neighbors, and then by us! It was a great relief to see him, but frustrating not to be able to catch him before he again retreated to the woods! With a better idea of his presumed hiding area (less than 1/4 mile from our house), we began to put out a havahart trap (borrowed from our local humane society) hooked up with a baby monitor and long range receiver at night. Last night — with the help of some liverwurst– we were finally successful!  After a positive checkup at the vet this morning, Simon is now resting comfortably and purring up a storm.

    We are so very happy to have Simon home and so appreciative of the friends, neighbors, and fellow animal-lovers that helped make this happen. As other posts have said, if your cat is lost do not give up hope and keep up the search — he/she may be just around the corner!






    Misty is home! (Missing 11 days)

    I followed many of the suggestions in Cat Finders’ email and spent several evenings after getting home from work handing out Misty’s picture and description to neighbors. I discovered that Misty, (an indoor-only cat) got out of my house when someone tried to break in through a window and also the slider door on my back porch (a fact that the police confirmed).

    As I went around the neighborhood talking with neighbors, some for the very first time,  I was also able to warn them about locking their windows at night when I handed them Misty’s picture. One of the neighbors kept the index card with Misty’s picture and my cell phone number hanging up in his kitchen and yesterday (9/23) as I was driving home from work he called to say he had just seen a cat fitting Misty’s description run into the tall bushes just outside his house. Our backyards are adjoining! Apparently Misty had not gone far from home.  After an hour’s search I found her hiding in a drainage pipe. I used a flashlight even though it was daytime, and when I called her name she turned her head and I could see two tiny, frightened, glowing eyes peering out at me!  She  was brave enough to come out and let me touch her, but when I reached for her she ran off again!   I was devastated . . . I hadn’t been patient enough!  

    After another hour’s search, I finally went back to my house just as darkness set in. I sat quietly on my back porch speaking quietly as if she were there (she was nearby, hiding silently) and after a bit she came walking around the corner of the house “speaking” to me.  This time, I set her favorite food out in the yard and stayed away from her while she ate.  I slipped onto the ground and kept talking to her quietly and eventually she walked over and allowed me to pet her gently. After what seemed like an eternity, I finally put my arm around her gently and said “let’s go inside.”  She allowed me to carry her inside without a fight!

    Misty looks wonderful after her 11 day adventure . . . there isn’t a mark on her and she’s lost very little weight. She and I both slept really well last night and the hardest part was having to leave her this AM when I had to go to work!



    Ollie is home!

    Ollie is home!




    Ollie is home! (Missing about ten months)

    After about 306 days on his own, our sweet best friend Ollie made it to the care of a loving stranger who had held on to our poster since last September, and called to let us know that she had found our Ollie. He was found less than a half mile from the house he escaped from, the little daredevil!He was perfectly happy and healthy, and walked into our house again like nothing had happened. We are so truly blessed and so grateful to this wonderful stranger saved our poster, and in turn, saved our family. Welcome home Bubs! We missed you so much!



    Kramer is home!

    Kramer is home!


    Kramer is home! (missing for 12 days)

    After a very long 12 days “on the run”, Kramer came home!  He was on our porch steps this morning looking surprisingly healthy and incredibly happy to be home.  In addition to friends and family who have joined in our daily search through the woods surrounding our home and in adjoining neighborhoods, we contacted every local shelter, our police department, rescue facilities, and even a psychic.  We put up posters in our library, general store, town hall and taped them to mailboxes within a 5 mile radius.  My daughter created a Facebook page and along with our posting on Cat Finders, we put postings on craigslist, and  We felt that we had done everything in our power to bring him home, the rest was up to him.  We are overjoyed to have Kramer back with us and I wanted to share this happy ending with all of you who are still missing your beloved pets.  Never give up hope!  I hope to read many more of these happy ending stories!



    Ragu is home!

    Ragu is home!


    Ragu is home! (Missing about 10 days)

    Ragu was found about 6 miles from home. Some people found him, then gave him to someone else because they couldn’t keep him. I followed all leads and got him back today. It truly is a miracle! He has some odd scrapes on the inside of his legs, and the vet said they look like road burns, as if he had been hit and rolled. We also wonder if perhaps he was picked up by somebody, and he escaped through the window while the vehicle was in motion. That might explain why he was found in downtown Dover, miles from home. But he is recovering, safe and sound at home now.






    Maddy is home! (Missing about 7 weeks)

    Maddy is an indoor-only cat who managed to get out of the window of our new apartment. We searched everywhere, tried everything. I contacted the local veterinary offices, the local Emergency Vet office, the police department, city crews, Cat Finders, and the local shelters.  I gave them all the pertinent information about my cat, including identifying details. Every week I contacted the same places to see if she had been spotted with no result.  I kept food outside for her and looked for her at all hours of the night when I thought she might be moving around.

    Two days ago, I was looking online at different missing pet sites and thought I would try the shelter’s Facebook page to see if she might be listed as adoptable, even though I’d checked with them regularly.  Not only did I find her on the site, but she was listed as having been adopted a few days ago!   As you might imagine, I was blown away.  I saw Maddy and couldn’t get to her! 

    When I called the shelter, I learned that  she had been brought in on May 22nd, about three weeks after she had gone missing, (she was found only 2 streets away from home), and yet somehow, nobody at the shelter realized who she was.  The director at the shelter then told me that they would contact the adopting family, but that legally they had no obligation to return her to me.  The family was reached yesterday and they emailed me, saying that they would be bringing her back to the shelter so that I could bring her home.  I am so grateful to them for returning her.  The adoptive mom said that they would all miss her, but that she understands what it is like to not be able to find a lost pet, and she was very happy that this was a happy ending for everyone. It was so nice of her!

    I am so grateful that Maddy was well taken care of and loved while she was away from home. The shelter was very apologetic after they realized the mistake, and will be taking new measures to try to prevent this from happening again.
    We went and picked her up yesterday.  She is a little skinny and has some weakness, but she is her happy purring self and already annoyed with her “sisters’, our 2 dogs.  She was microchipped at the SPCA and given shots, so by all accounts she is healthy. 
    I just want people to know that if you love your animals, you can’t give up on them.  I found her in an odd way, but I found her and could not be happier!




    Gabriel is home! (Missing about 7 weeks)

    Gabriel has been an indoor cat as long as we’ve had him. After he went missing in January, we saw him close to home, but couldn’t catch him. He evaded the traps we set.  A neighbor notified us that Gabriel was near her house, and was nice enough to feed him and try to trap him, but to no avail.

    Hoping to lure him back home and knowing the snow was too deep and soft for him to get back the way he left, we started walking back and forth from the neighbor’s a couple of times a day hoping he would follow our scent.  We took the dog with us on a couple of the trips and our neighbor said she saw Gabriel stop and look around where the dog had been (presuming he was smelling a familiar scent).  Then horror of horrors, on Saturday another tom cat came to her deck and chased Gabe away. 

    All this time, we had been putting cat food in our garage, and using wildlife cameras to try and figure out when Gabriel was coming by. We noticed on Sunday that the  food in our garage was gone, and since it was wet food we were pretty sure it was a cat who ate it. On Monday night we set up the game camera in the  garage and we got our first  sight of him.  Then we saw him Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday early morning and about 7:00 every night.  Last night I saw him sitting on the rock wall beside our deck, twice.  So tonight we set the garage door a little lower than usual and sat in the car outside and waited for him.  Right on schedule he came to eat and as soon as he got up close to the food we punched the automatic close and seven weeks on the lam came to an end; we had him! 

    We left him in the garage to settle a bit while we came up and notified everyone that we had him.  When we went back down to the basement and opened the door into the garage, there he sat.  He came in and hid behind some furniture and about 10 minutes later came out for “pets” – he has always liked his “pets”.  Other than he is a little beat up and dirty, you’d never know he left.  He is playing around with his best bud, the dog, and strutting his stuff with the foster kittens we have.  The speed with which he transformed back to his old self is nothing short of amazing. Tomorrow will be a less than pleasant day for him as first thing in the morning it’s off to the vet’s.  I want to have him checked over, update his shots and get him micro-chipped. 





    Bobbi-Girl is home!

    (Missing for 8 days)

    Bobbi-Girl, who’d been missing for about a week,  was just rescued from a 70-foot high tree. After contacting many local authorities without success, we had a tree guy come to help try to get her down. After two hours, he was unsuccessful. She, therefore, had to spend another cold night way up in the tree. The next day, a senior rescue technician from the Animal Rescue League of Boston, came all the way up to Nashua, NH and spent almost 4 hours trying to get her down. Since the tree Bobbi-girl was on was a rotting oak, it was too dangerous to climb.  After continuous efforts to get a line to the limb she was on, we were able to rig a basket up to her. In the basket we had put a pillowcase with our scent, along with her favorite treats and some wet food.  She loves her treats and was so into eating them that she didn’t even realize she was going for a ride to safety! It’s my understanding that this was the first time the Animal Rescue League of Boston used a basket to rescue a kitty! It might help in future rescues!







    McGee is home!
    (Missing for 22 days)

    Great news! McGee came home today. After a late night my husband and I took a cat nap in our family room.  As I drifted off on the couch, I was thinking about McGee and wondering if he was OK, as I had done a million times a day every day since he left three weeks ago. After about ten minutes I opened my eyes and McGee was in the window meowing.  I fumbled to the door, excitedly screaming his name; my husband jumped up and we were both so happy. McGee followed us around all day and did not want to be out of our sight for a moment. After several kisses and hugs, we examined him and he looked as healthy as the day he disappeared. Someone has been taking care of him: he smelled like he had just had a bath and he was not interested in eating much. Thanks so much to whoever took care of our boy, we are very grateful.  Above is a picture of him after he settled down.







    Morgan is home! (Missing about 3 and a half months)

    I was driving home from work at night when I saw a critter walking down the side of the road. I threw my high beams on, and saw that the critter was my cat, Morgan! It took 20 minutes of calling his name, and some chasing, but now he is home and happy!





    Maggie is home! (Missing 16 days)

    Maggie is an indoor-only cat, though when we go to our camp she does occasionally munch grass right outside the front door. She prefers to stay indoors, though, as she doesn’t care to get dirty. So we were very worried when, on 11/21/11, the night we got that first real blast of bitter cold, we came home from work to find out that the workmen coming in and out of our cellar must have spooked Maggie, and that she had slipped out the door. Needless to say, an intensive search ensued. My son and I were out until 11:30 that freezing night, calling her. We found a black cat, but not Maggie. We wondered if maybe the black cat scared her even farther away. That night, I couldn’t sleep; it was cold outside, and poor Maggie was out there. My husband said she would be okay due to her weight and long thick Maine Coon coat, but I wanted her back inside. For the next 15 days, every time we let our lab, Sweetie, (Maggie’s best friend) outside, we called Maggie’s name. 

    I received many emails and phone calls with good advice and possible sightings, and voices of hope! The most helpful thing I read was on Missing Pet Partnership’s website, where they describe the three types of lost cats, indoor-only, indoor/outdoor, and outdoor-only, giving behavior profiling for each type. They also have enlightened us about “The Silence Factor.” I found this information consoling, and it gave me hope that Maggie would return. 

    This past Tuesday, 16 days and a lot of weather later, my dog Sweetie came in from her morning routine, leading her friend Maggie through the front door! I don’t know if Sweetie found Maggie, or if Maggie found Sweetie. All I know is that Maggie is doing well, and already starting to put a little weight back on. She and Sweetie are lying on the couch together again. And leaving no room for me to sit, LOL! We are all very happy and are counting our blessings.






    Grayson is home! (Missing 6 days)

    We are so very happy to report that Grayson is now home! As soon as I got home tonight I went out and re-searched all of the areas in our neighborhood that I’d spent 3 hours searching yesterday, even asking my neighbor to open up his camper to check inside. Everyone has been so kind. When I got back to the house, I saw my husband Kevin coming across the street holding the cat carrier. He had just found a note on the door saying that one of our neighbors had found Grayson on their porch, hanging out with their cat. When we got to the neighbors’, I saw, through tears of joy, our sweet Grayson looking almost as thin as the day I got him, but not injured. His collar is missing, but he is fine! I had never lost hope that he was close by. It was comforting to read all the postings about cats who’d returned after 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 9 weeks. There were lots of prayers going out, and tonight, prayers answered. Thank you all for the words of encouragement and advice.  

    Dee and Kevin

    Note: Grayson was an urgent case, due to his need for daily thyroid medication. The picture above was taken when he was first found on the street, before finding his forever home with Dee and Kevin, and before getting the correct diagnosis from their vet







    Loki is home! (Missing 8 days)

    Last night we found our lost kitty, Loki! We’re so happy he’s home! He was in the neighbor’s shed. I don’t know if he was sleeping when we checked around there or what. We’re just glad he’s back. He’s a little skinny, but we’ll keep him in a bit, spoil him, and get him back to his normal size.






    Clarence is home! (Missing 20 days)

    Great NEWS! I FOUND CLARENCE! YAY! I was able to lure him into the harmless trap on Saturday!  Guess he just decided he was hungry enough, after 20 days, and was going to come home! Silly kitty has been nothing but love & purrs!!  (Note: Clarence is 11 years old)




    Lucy and family




     Lucy’s home (Missing 2 weeks)

    Lucy got out of a second story window 3 weeks after moving into a new apartment. There was no sign of her for days. I emailed and sent photographs to, NHSPCA, and local animal shelters and vets. We made posters and notified all of our neighbors and local businesses. We searched under the house and kept looking. Two weeks later a cat showed up outside of our neighbor’s window crying to get in. Our neighbor came and knocked on our door and told us she heard a cat. It was Lucy! She came back to the home she’d lived in for only 3 days. That was the longest two weeks ever! If we hadn’t gotten the word out to our neighbors, Lucy’s cries might have gone unnoticed. Now Lucy is doing well. She is hungry and tired, but nothing that coming home can’t fix!






    Lilly’s home! (Missing 5 days)

    Lilly, our Siamese cat with a heart defect, was out on her “adventure” as we call it for five days in July.  Between her lack of meds, being so sick, and the presence of fisher cats in the neighborhood we were sure our little one would not return. Using techniques suggested in the Silence Factor*  we searched and searched and then late one night while locking the door I heard a familiar meow and looked out the door to see her on the roof above our porch, an area I had checked dozens of times.
    She was very “touch and go” for the first week but I am happy to say she is happy, healthy and playing with her little sister again. The picture above is from the following morning.  I’m pretty sure she slept almost all day for the first few days she was home! Oddly enough, her time out proved to help her a bit; she was deemed strong enough to be fixed and the vets predict she will have a happy, mostly healthy life. 

    *The Silence Factor: a term used by Missing Pet Partnership to describe how a frightened or ill cat may not be able to respond to our call.



    Dover Found black and white cat


    Lisa writes: We now know who this lost kitty belongs to.  A veterinarian posted her pics on their website yesterday and within an hour we got a hit.  Now we are just trying to catch her to get her home!

    8/8/11 Update
    This cat was never an indoor cat, as it turns out. Although her friends tried to help her be a loved member of the family, she was unable to tolerate being kept indoors, so they kindly let her go where she is happiest, the outdoors. She is much loved, and well cared for.




    Found cat returned to family



    (Missing about one month)

    When Lorrie found this pretty cat, the cat had a large wound on her leg, perhaps a bite wound, that had become infected. Lorrie brought her right to the vet. After caring for the cat for about a month and trying to find the cat’s family on her own, she got the idea to try Craigslist and Cat Finders. Three days later, the cat’s family saw the Craigslist entry and contacted Lorrie! 

    Lorrie writes: The owner was ecstatic to be reunited with her “baby,” whose real name is Snowy, not “Psycho Kittah” as we had been calling her. Snowy continues to mend at home with her owners who live only 1/2 mile away from us. It appears that Snowy got out and perhaps startled or was chased by something, then got lost in the woods. It had been about a month since her Mom had seen her and she had been checking Craigslist almost daily. She had all but given up on finding her again. When she called me she had additional body marking information, like a torn right ear and a few other characteristics that only someone who truly knew her would be able to provide details on. The owner and I have agreed to keep in touch and she’s stated she will provide us with updates and photos of her beloved Snowy (aka: Psycho Kittah). Yes, we told her what we had named the cat and she laughed, knowing her kitty’s personality, and she said it was much more fitting than “Snowy.”







    Kobi’s home! (Missing 45 days)

    Kobi disappeared on November 3, 2010, and was gone for 45 days until found on December 18.  After plastering the area with over 60 flyers and receiving numerous calls, many for a cat who lived a block over and looked virtually identical, we got lucky.  A woman, (who lived 5 blocks away) called to say she’d seen a cat under her deck. It was Kobi! Unfortunately, he had a large gash on his face from what looked like an animal attack. After an hour we were able to coax him out, with the help of some turkey, and take him home. Here’s where it gets a little weird. When we took him to the vet we found out that someone had already taken him to a vet, and his gash had already been treated and then he was let go. He had lost over two pounds so it didn’t look like he was being fed or cared for. Either way, we want to thank whoever brought him to the vet for treatment. Kobi is happy to be back home and is more spoiled than ever. 

    To anyone who’s missing their cat: Don’t give up, plaster the area with lost flyers and replace them when needed. Keeping them in plastic sleeves worked well for us. While many people would gladly try to find a lost cat, offering a reward does help.








    Sherman is home! (Missing 2 months)
    Sherri’s story: Yesterday Cocheco Valley Humane Society called me thinking they have Sherman, and it was really him! I picked him up early today and he is now at home curled up on a blanket on the sofa. I can’t believe it is him. He was hanging around someone’s house about a mile or so down the street from us; he was so close to home. 

    He is in good health, lost weight, but actually not a bad thing because he was a bit heavy. It is taking Sherman and our other cat a bit to get re-acquainted but I hope they will be friends again soon. It is really crazy that he is home, I still can’t believe it.

    Sherman is home!

    He hasn’t really moved from the sofa; just to eat, drink and do his business. He is totally settled back in! 

    I was really impressed with the staff at Cocheco. They were so nice and happy for us; it was a good experience. Anyway, I am so happy I can share a happy ending with you and have great hope for all the other kitties that are missing, that they will find their homes soon.





    Wilton, NH




    Reunited with his family (Missing 3 months)

    I’ve located the owner through your site. Thank you so much. I posted him as a “found cat” on 10/23/10 in Wilton, NH. He is now back home in Temple. He apparently hitched a ride in a construction van when a neighbor was having roof work done.








    Tobi’s Home! (Missing almost a week)

    Tobi slipped off his leash while on a walk near the woods by the Dover school. After nearly a week of searching, his person writes: 
    Tonight on our drive to the woods where he got off his leash, I spotted him right at the fire station parking lot, just standing there. We pulled over the car and he was a little wary but he let us approach him and grab him and now he’s home! I can’t even believe I’m looking at him laying there and purring. For anyone else that lost their cat, tell them to use the idea of leaving food at the same time every night, and throwing down litter from the cat’s litter box near the area, and even leaving articles of worn clothing. I can’t believe it . . . I just can’t. I am so happy I didn’t give up! Tobi is very dirty and very hungry but he is sooo happy to be home and we are so happy to have him back.

    Below is a picture from the first hour he got home, stuffing his face. :)  Please pass along any info that may benefit some other kitties’ humans but most of all stress that “never give up” thing because your kitty is out there missing you just as much as you miss him!

    Tobi is home!











    Derek’s home! (Missing almost 4 months)
    Mary writes:

    My miracle happened on Oct. 2nd, five days shy of Derek’s 4th month missing. He was seen one street away; maybe he was on his way home. A woman called me, saying that her daughter had seen my sign, and that they had been feeding a gray cat for a few days. He wouldn’t let them near him–which is how I would expect him to act. When he came by after they saw my sign, they called so I could come see if it was him, and it was! He is extremely thin, and all he wants is food and my lap, but otherwise he seems okay.






    Tippy’s home! (Missing five weeks)

    After 5 weeks, Tippy is now reunited with his family. A neighbor had assumed Tippy was a stray and had given him to a friend. Tippy’s person, Denise, writes:
    I hung 64 signs, with Tippy’s photo, throughout the six streets in my immediate area. My neighbor saw the signs, and called her friend to let him know Tippy had an owner. The friend called me and returned my little guy. I also ran ads in the Union Leader & craigslist, contacted the vet, the shelters & Cat Finders. I am so happy to have him back.


    Barrington, NH




    Drew is home! (Missing 3 nights)

    Kris writes:
    It is a rather unbelievable story, but in a snapshot it went like this: 

    After being gone 3 nights, and after me spending all day today posting and making contacts, I watched the weather radar and headed into the woods after the last storm came through, with a bag of spent kitty litter (corn, so biodegradable) to sprinkle like Hansel and Gretel, calling Drew’s name as I went deeper and deeper into the forest. Suddenly I heard a meow response, and after a frustrating and crazy half hour of trying to track down the sound, I discovered Drew at the top of an old, dead pine tree. Long story short, he would not come down no matter what. I spent an hour coaxing, but to no avail. 

    We got some help, and as it got dark, in desperation, we cut down the tree.  As the tree came down, Drew flew out of it (Bobby Orr style) and disappeared. Fortunately he did not really disappear, but headed directly home and was in the garage waiting for us when we got there, thank goodness!  He is thin, soaking wet, and very cuddly. We talked with the emergency vet and have been carefully monitoring him, and introducing food and water slowly.  Anyway, unbelievably, this story has a happy ending. The moral of this story is NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!  And ALWAYS do every single thing you can think of to bring your baby home.


    Sandown, NH





    Charlie’s home! (Missing 5 and a half weeks)

    Charlie is back today after being gone for five and a half weeks. He was living in a neighbor’s backyard, in a wood pile. He is very skinny, but otherwise seems in pretty good shape. I’ll call the vet in the morning and try to get him in for a checkup ASAP. He is eating like a horse and will not leave me alone. He just wants to be held and to sleep in my lap. 

    5/17/10 Update from Charlie’s person:He did well at the vet’s today and is making a good recovery.


    Dover, NH




    Henry’s home! (Missing 9 weeks)

    Susan writes:
    After 9 weeks missing, Henry was found this morning, July 25, 2009, around 11:30 am, when a neighbor saw him in her garage lying in a heap. He was emaciated, dehydrated and unable to stand up. He still had his collar, id, and microchip intact. He was having seizures. It seems he was trying to come back home and couldn’t make it the last 100 yards. I rushed him to a vet where he is now in critical care. He is expected to be okay but I will not be able to bring him home for at least 48 hours. The vet did say if he had been another 24-48 hours in this condition, he might not have made it alive. Thank you to everybody who helped look for Henry during this search. Your thoughts, prayers, and efforts are so very much appreciated!


    Jaffrey, NH

    Big Kitty is home! (Missing one week, far from home)

    Big Kitty, an orange tabby, was found on July 11, 2009 after being lost since July 4th. His family had been  staying at a Jaffrey vacation cottage, and Big Kitty got scared when he was being brought to the car to go home. A declawed, indoor city cat, Big Kitty was hiding silently in a territory alien to him, hundreds of miles from home. His family stayed and searched for him as long as they could, but after a few days they had to go back to Virginia. The following weekend, they returned to New Hampshire and found Big Kitty! Safe, sound, and now on his way home.
    His person, Susan, writes: If not for all of those support people, the Cat Rescue org. in Jaffrey, Jaffrey neighbors, Petfinder, Cat Finders,  etc. who supported me emotionally, and who helped with ideas, information and postings to the public, I would not have known that a male, neutered, declawed cat who was spooked would hide in SILENCE and would have to be STARVING to come out and be found (he would NOT meow, he was hiding from “predators” in the real sense, fisher cats, coyotes, and the fireworks we did not even hear). Without that knowledge I would not have EVER thought to send my husband back up to New Hampshire on day seven! 

    The information and support I received kept me going even after about 50 people had told me that Big Kitty had no chance of survival in the wild, given the predators in the mountain woods of Jaffrey. So, miracles are indeed possible and I think it a miracle that my cat was found alive.


    S.D. writes: When I lived in Londonderry, we had a white and black cat, Frosty, a 6 year old male. He went missing one day and we put advertisements in all the local papers as well as signs on telephone poles, stores, etc.  I had three small children at the time who were devastated, but time did heal and we had other pets as well to focus our attention on. 

    Approximately a year later I received a phone call from a woman. She had been packing some glassware in boxes and using old newspapers when she noticed a LOST CAT ad on the newspaper . . . she didn’t know why it caught her eye, but it did.  She had taken in a stray cat 8 months earlier that fit the description to a tee!  We couldn’t believe it could be our cat, but she suggested we stop by . . . it was only 3 or 4 miles away from our home.  When we got there she told us the cat stayed outside most of the time and we should go to her back yard and try calling him.  We all called, “Frosty”!  Not a second went by when a large white/black cat came running from the woods . . . it was Frosty! We all cried . . . for joy . . . and could not believe our luck!  Since that day, I have never given up hope on finding a lost pet.  He lived a long, happy life back at our home.


    Pat from Manchester writes: Thanks to craigslist I was able to reunite a 22 year old cat with her “parents” who live many blocks from my home. After four weeks on the run, Trouble is back home, sleeping in her own bed and probably being very spoiled by her loved ones. I don’t know how she made it to my backyard safely–quite a distance for such a “mature” cat–but when I saw her hiding under the shed, I knew she was lost & began feeding her routinely. 

    My point is–if you’ve lost a cat, don’t give up. Follow all leads even if there’s a distance involved. Cats are very resourceful–they will travel until they find food, water & shelter. If you’re reading this post you’re probably a cat person. Next time you see a wandering feline that looks lost–take time to check it out & see if you can help. It’s so rewarding to be able to return a pet to it’s owner. Thanks!


    Callie’s home! (Missing over a month)

    Callie, a lovely tortoisehell cat, vanished from her Lee home on 12/2/08. Her person, Dianne, never gave up looking for her. On the evening of 1/5/09, over a month after Callie’s disappearance, Dianne was outside calling her name in the darkness, and suddenly, Callie appeared out of nowhere. Not only had she been lost for over a month, but she had somehow survived the December ice storm and the blizzard soon after. Although she lost some weight during her ordeal, she is doing well & is so happy to be home.



    In November, 2008,Kim of Epping, NH found a hungry dilute tortoisehell cat hanging around outside her home. On December 30, 2008, Kim writes:
    I wanted to give you an update on Bobbi. This past Saturday we made fliers and we placed them in all of our neighbors doors, about 20 or so. 
    Within 1/2 hour we received a phone call, and we located her owner To keep the story short, they felt that she would be happy living with us, so she has been in the house prior to the last major snow storm.  She seems to love it, and the other 2 cats are adjusting, as she is too. The owner indicated that she is 12 – 14 years old.  She now lives indoors, and is fast becoming part of the family! 


    A New Hampshire woman writes:
    We were delighted when Daisy came home 11 days after getting out of the house, and she is doing well at home. I wish you luck with your own cat, it’s a terrible feeling to not know what happened to a loved pet.  If I learned anything from my experience, it’s to not give up hope.


    A cat missing for 9 years is returned to his family
    (reprinted from iVillage message board)

    London (Reuters) – A couple have been reunited with their missing cat after nine years, the RSPCA said on Wednesday. Dixie, a 15-year-old ginger cat, disappeared in 1999 and her owners thought she had been killed by a car. She was found less than half a mile from her home in Birmingham after a concerned resident rang the animal charity to report a thin and dishevelled cat who had been in the area for a couple of months.

    RSPCA Animal Collection Officer Alan Pittaway checked her microchip and confirmed it was Dixie. She was returned to her owners, Alan and Gilly Delaney, within half an hour.

    “In 29 years of working for the RSPCA I have never seen anyone so excited and happy as Mrs Delaney,” Pittaway said. “It made my day to return Dixie to her owners.” The couple were “overjoyed” to be reunited with their missing cat after so many years.

    “Dixie’s personality, behaviour and little mannerisms have not changed at all,” said Gilly Delaney. “We don’t think she has stopped purring since she came back through the door.”





    Gunny is back home!

    Today my cat Gunny was found. He was hit by a Manchester Cab on Friday and a 17 year old girl saw it happen and brought him to the emergency vet. Not only did she save his life but she also came to visit him over the weekend to make sure he got better. I am eternally grateful and have a renewed respect for humanity. I hung signs this weekend and received 2 phone calls regarding my pet. I also posted on craigslist and received emails from people genuinely concerned and helpful in finding my pet. Thanks to all. My heart has been repaired.



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