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  • Found in Allenstown


    Found: 11/15/17

    This dilute tortoiseshell cat, gray and orange, has been coming to my porch, hungry and cold. Super sweet. Has a small stump for a tail. She is in the School Street area of Allenstown. If she is your cat, or you know where she belongs:

    Please contact: (603) 892-2732


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  • Pepper


    Missing Since: 10/22/17

    Pepper is a large, friendly, 8 year old gray tabby with a white bib, white paw tips, and green eyes. He is a neutered male. Last seen in our screened porch in Olympic Village near Wintergreen Drive and Turkey Hill Road in Merrimack. He is microchipped. Pepper’s family and friends are very worried, and praying for a miracle. Reward offered for his safe return.

    Please contact:  (603) 714-5733


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  • Bea


    Missing Since: 11/8/17

    Bea is a brown/black short haired striped tiger cat, with a bit of white around her mouth. She is an indoor-only cat, and very fearful, so if you see her please do not try to catch her. She will run. She is missing from Chase Road, near Mammoth Road, in Londonderry.

    Please contact: Kat (603) 437-3447


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  • Snickers


    Missing Since: 10/20/17

    Snickers is a six year old, long-haired calico cat with a big white ruff on her chest, white paws, white on her face, and a big fluffy tail. Her colors are orange, black, and white. She is missing from the area of Allenstown near New Rye Road and Deerfield Road, near Epsom and Bear Brook.

    Please contact: (603) 365-0231


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  • Coco


    Missing Since: 11/2/17

    Coco is a black and white kitten who is about 7 or 8 months old. She is mostly black with a white spot on her nose and by the side of her mouth, white paws, and a white bib on her neck/chest. In the photos at left, the first cat pictured is not Coco, but is about the same age and size as Coco is now. The other photos are of Coco when she was younger. She is missing from Merrimack/Union Street area of Manchester. If you see her:

    Please contact: (603) 361-9859
    or email:


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  • Found in Concord


    Found: 11/4/17

    This black kitten (about 8 months old) with medium/long hair and a big fluffy tail was found in the Franklin Street area of Concord. Yellow eyes. Very skinny, and quite friendly. Does not have a microchip. Is this your missing kitten?

    Please contact:


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  • Found in Auburn


    Found: 10/30/17

    This black and orange tortoiseshell with an orange nose was found on Hunting Road in Auburn. She is on the small side. If this is your cat, or you who she belongs to: 

    Please contact:


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  • Mikah


    Missing Since: 10/31/17
    Reunited: 11/4/17

    Mikah came home!


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  • Pooh


    Missing Since: 10/12/17

    Pooh is a sixteen year old buff tabby.  He is deaf, and so meows very loudly. He is an indoor only cat, and was not wearing a collar when he got out. He may be hiding under a porch or in a garage, so please check your outbuildings and anywhere on your property where a cat might hide or become trapped, if you live near Union Street in Somersworth.

    Please contact: (603) 841-5620 (phone)
    or (603) 692-8138 (text–best way to reach me. If you text me I will come get him).


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  • Found in Dunbarton



    Found: 10/29/17

    Very friendly white cat with some calico colors and dark tail found on Kimball Pond Road in Dunbarton. The cat does not appear to have a chip. Seems to be a family pet.

    Please contact:

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  • Kramer


    Missing Since: 10/21/17

    Kramer is a short-haired 9 month old black kitten. He is neutered and microchipped, and is an indoor/outdoor cat. Last seen at Ashmere Drive, near Bodwell Road in Manchester. If you see a cat that might be Kramer:

    Please contact: (603) 218-9393
    or email:


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  • Ginger


    Missing Since: 10/21/17

    Ginger is a domestic short hair with white paws and nose, tan colored body with dark stripes, and very long tail. She is an indoor cat who escaped into the woods around 10:00 AM. She is friendly, but must be very scared as she has never been outside before.

    Please contact: (603) 487-3049
    or email:


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  • Peanut


    Missing Since: 10/18/17
    Reunited: 10/20/17

    Peanut is home!


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  • Burger


    Missing Since: 10/09/17
    Reunited: 10/15/17

    Burger came home!


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  • Parker


    Missing Since: 10/11/17
    Reunited: 10/23/17

    Parker is home!


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  • Sampson


    Missing Since: 9/26/17
    Reunited: 12/10/17

    A neighbor about a quarter mile through the woods called this morning… she was one of the many neighbors who kept the flyers I handed out. Love and hugs to all those still missing their family members; I wish this amazing feeling for each of you. In my arms and purring, just like my dreams. May your dreams come true as well.


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  • Jellybean


    Missing Since: 10/7/17

    Jellybean is a small, silver gray cat who weighs about eight pounds. She is an indoor-only cat who got out and is still missing. She has a microchip but no collar. Missing in the Holly Hill Drive area of Amherst. She is missed so much! If you think you may have seen Jellybean:

    Please contact: Anne (603) 785-4142


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  • Oliver


    Missing Since: 10/7/17

    Oliver is an eleven pound, black and white long-haired tuxedo cat with large green eyes. He is very sweet, though might seem a little bit shy. We are devastated and want him back badly.  He is fixed and also has a microchip. Missing from Crowningshield Road in Chesterfield. We appreciate any and all feedback if someone has seen him.

    Please contact: Kathleen or John (603) 363-8114
    or email:


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  • Tikka


    Missing Since: 10/5/17

    Tikka is a petite tortoiseshell. She is a little high strung, but friendly and easy to pick up. She went missing from Newmarket Road in Warner. If you see a cat that might be Tikka:

    Please contact: Andy or Emily (603) 456-2201


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  • Miu Miu


    Missing Since: 9/13/17

    MiuMiu (pronounced Mew Mew) is our 11 year old, tortoise/tabby patterned kitty with a white chest and other white markings. One distinct feature is her white, furry, hanging belly pouch that sways from side to side when she runs. She is microchipped, but the information might not be current, since we’ve recently moved her from out of town a few months ago.  She was wearing her gray tick collar. Missing from the Chestnut Farms development in Lee, near Hayes Road and Newtown Plains Road, near Rte. 125.

    Please contact: Maggie (603) 397-8444
    or email:


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