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    Posters or flyers are a very good idea, because although not everyone notices them, many people do, and the person who has found your cat might think nobody is looking for him/her if they don’t see any posters up in the area. For ideas on effective home-made signs, follow this link:  

    You can make a poster for all of the cats missing in your town: First, type your town into the Search box on this page, print out the resulting page, make copies, and post it on community bulletin boards. That will help not only your cat, but the other cats shown on that page too. Please do not give us any information that you would not wish to be seen on the website or on group posters that others may print from the website.

    For outdoor posters, it’s best to use a laser printer, or make color copies at Staples or Kinko’s, as these are generally rain-resistant.

    Please be considerate of others when placing your posters
    (i.e. not on private property, not covering other posters) and please take the signs down again when appropriate. 

    Placement of posters:
    Effective spots for your posters include veterinarians’ bulletin boards, animal shelters, animal feed stores, pet shops, your local police station and/or animaI control office, library, transfer center, and other community bulletin boards. In your own neighborhood or on your own road, it is a good idea to put up some outdoor posters in spots where walkers will see them and motorists can safely stop to read them.  Start putting street posters on the streets closest to home, then, if your cat is not found, start expanding outward.


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