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    Missing Since: 11/29/09
    Male, neut.

    Large black cat, approx. 10-12 lbs, lost on Alton Mountain Road. Very affectionate, but may be skittish outdoors, and with strangers. He will come for canned food! He may have been seen on the other side of the mountain last week. He  just moved here last Spring, from Baxter Place, so could end up near that area also. We love and miss him very much!  There is a reward for his safe return.




    Please Contact:
    Jenn  (604) 970-1080
    or Jeremy (978) 702-6883





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  • Huey

    Missing Since: 11/10/09

    Our cat, Huey, has been missing since Nov. 10, 2009. He has a white face and belly with a gray tiger-striped back and tail.

    Huey is very friendly, and lives on Rte. 111A in Danville, about a quarter mile north of Rte. 111 intersection. He is an indoor/outdoor cat, and comes and goes as he pleases, though he would much rather be around us than off on his own.



     Please Contact: Anna




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