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  • Oscar






    Missing Since: 6/15/11
    Male, neut.


    I am missing my cat Oscar. He was last seen on 6/15/11. It is very unusual for him to venture far. He is a small cat (approx. 8-9 lbs). Orange with white, has a striped tail and orange/gold colored eyes. He is shy and usually will run from people. He does not have a collar on. He is missing from the north end of Manchester, by the Merrimack River (off of Eve Street, off of North River Road, north of YDC). Please contact me if you see a cat that looks like Oscar. He is my heart and I miss him so much! Thank you. 

    Please Contact: Shannon
    (603) 261-0225

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  • Panther




    Missing Since: 5/30/11


    Panther is a small female cat, about 6 pounds, gray with black tiger stripes. She was not wearing a collar (she lost it recently). She is missing from the vicinity of the VA hospital in the north end of Manchester, near Blevens Drive and Patricia Lane. She is new to the outdoors. She is usually afraid of people she doesn’t know, and doesn’t like other cats (at all!), so it may be hard to approach her. If you do try to catch her, don’t be afraid; she will hiss and growl a lot yet has never bitten or scratched anyone, but she will be hard to hold on to. Please email or call if you think you have seen her. We miss her a lot. Thank you. 

    Please Contact: Curt or Rosalie
    (603) 661-4569 or
    (603) 661-4531

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  • Licorice





    Missing Since: 5/8/11


    Licorice is a 3 year old, DSH Tuxedo cat. She is mostly  black with a white mustache, white belly and chest, and some white on her paws. Microchipped. She weighs about 9 lbs. Last seen on May 8, at 8 P.M. in the Merrimack Street area of Manchester. Licorice is a very skittish cat. She is a beloved pet. We miss her!   

    Please Contact: Deb
    (603) 203-6784  

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  • Maury





    Missing Since: 4/12/11
    Male, neut.


    Maury is a neutered male tiger cat, brownish/orange, who is 2 and a half years old. He was last seen in Trolley Crossing (South Manchester neighborhood). He has a micro-chip, and was wearing a breakaway purple flea collar with a bell and a tag with his name and phone number, although the collar may be off him by now. If you have seen this cat:

    Please Contact: CJ
    (603) 494-9680

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  • Jada




    Missing Since: 11/17/10


    Jada is a two year old female Norwegian Black Footed Forest Cat. She is long haired, and is mostly black with little patches of white on her neck & belly. She weighed about 9 lbs when she disappeared. She lives in the Huse and Weston Road area in Manchester, NH. My family misses her so much! If you have found her or have any information:

    Please contact: Donna 
    (603) 493-2994

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  • Rocky





    Missing Since: 10/10


    Rocky is a very friendly 8 year old male cat, neutered. He is gray, white, and black. He was lost on English Village Road and is strictly an indoor cat so he may be very scared. He is so sweet and is missed dearly. We are moving next week and time is of the essence with finding him. Also, there is a reward for his return.  

    Please Contact: Kaitlyn
    (603) 548-4675

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  • Chase





    Missing Since: 9/16/10



    Chase was a 5 month old Bengal kitten when he disappeared. He had a minor upper respiratory problem and has a grade one heart murmur. His markings are marbled black/brown with gold. Mostly pale in the face, with some dark freckles around the eyes. Huge ears and tail.  Very skittish but absolutely loves to eat and play with toys that have a long string with feathers. He’s missing from the Spruce Street area. His “brother” cat and “sister” kitten miss him very much, as do we. 



    Please Contact: Krystan
    (603) 867-3830
    or Mike (603) 486-4792



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  • Dyoginese




    Missing Since: 9/17/10
    Male, neutered



    Lost 14 Yr old short-haired black cat in Manchester, in the area of Silver and Wilson Streets. He weighs about 18 pounds. His name, Dyoginese is pronounced “Di-oog-in-ease”.  We call him “Dy” or “Biggie”.  He is very shy.  He has always been an indoor cat and got out and is probably now hiding somewhere afraid to come out. We are offering a reward for his safe return. 

    Please Contact: Frank
    (603) 361-8898 

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  • Sassy





    Missing Since: July 29th, 2010
    Gender: Female


    We lost our Sassy on Thursday, July 29. She is mostly black, with white markings: her four paws are white, also her nose and mouth are white, and she has some white on her chest and belly. She went missing from the north end of Manchester. Please call if you know where she is. Thank you.




    Please Contact: Angelica
    (603) 858-2542



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  • Buddy




    Missing Since: 5/3/10
    Gender: Female


    Buddy is an all black Siamese cat. She is three years old, spayed, and declawed. She is a very shy, nervous cat who is wary of strangers. Missing from the Candia Road/Mammoth Road area of Manchester, NH.

    Please Contact: Joe

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  • Brady






    Missing Since: 1/10


    Brady is a lost indoor cat who lives on Havard Street in Manchester, NH. He is light brown/tan with dark stripes, light furred belly, with spots. He is 3 years old and is very timid around strangers, though he loves his family.  He is probably very scared so he may not come in contact with people but if you do see please email me where you saw him.

    Please Contact:  


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  • Sprite






    Missing Since: 11/4/11
    Male (neut)


    Our family cat, Sprite, is a large, long haired tabby with a very striking orange and white coat. He is not usually sociable. He can handle himself outside, but it is very unlike him to be gone this long. We found his breakaway collar in our yard, so he is now without a collar. He was last seen in South Londonderry near Windham, in the South Road, Chase, Gillette, Robin Hood, Sparhawk area. Have you seen him? 

    Please Contact: Kenny
    (603) 479-0974

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  • Cardy





    Missing Since: 8/28/10


    Cardy is a gray tabby, about 10 lbs, missing from North Londonderry since Saturday, August 28th. He has a bald patch between his shoulder blades about 1 cm in size. He’s very friendly.  

    Please Contact: Jen

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  • Pirate






    Missing Since: 12/10/10


    Pirate knows his name and will respond to it. When he went missing, he was a 3 year old, black and white domestic short hair, green eyes, unusual black markings around his nose, and heart-shaped black chest marking. He also has a small black spot over his left eyebrow. He is very friendly and talkative. Missing from Mousam Road off Parker Mountain Road/Rte. 126 in Strafford, NH. He does not have a collar, but is microchipped. He is greatly loved and sorely missed by the whole family, especially my little sister who is devastated. If you have seen this cat or have any information: 




     Please Contact: Jade
    (774) 836-2298



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  • Bette





    Missing Since: 4/09


    Bette is a friendly, Maine Coon cat. She was two years old at the time she got lost. She is missing from the vicinity of Bow Lake Rd. & Province Road in Strafford. Reward offered. 

     Please Contact: Donna

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  • Murray





    Missing Since: 11/29/2011


    Murray is 7 years old. He’s brown with gray and black stripes, and was a bit overweight when he went missing. He is very friendly. Please email me or call if you have seen him. Thank you.





    Please Contact: Beth
    (802) 777-9726


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  • Mystic






    Missing Since: Oct. 2011 


    Mystic is a dilute calico cat, gray with tan spots. She is an indoor-only cat who got out at her pet sitters’ home in Weare early one morning, and still has not been found. Mystic is about 5 or 6 years old. She is missing from Maplewold Road in Weare, and may have been seen on Buzzell Hill Road. If you see her:

    Please Contact: Cheryl
    (603) 703-3527

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  • Filbert





    Missing Since: 9/7/11 Gender: Male


    Filbert is a 9 year old orange male tiger cat, missing from the Temple Wilton town line area. He is a big strong boy, about 14 pounds. Very friendly and very curious. Likes sleeping in woodsheds and barns. He does have a microchip. If you see him:

    Please Contact: Jerry or Evelyn
    (603) 654-2818 (land line)
    (603) 493-8484 cell

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  • Murphy





    Missing Since: 9/16/11


    Murphy is a medium/large white and brown tiger cat. He is very, very friendly. He was last seen on Winter Road, Weare, NH, in the Lake Horace area. 

    Please Contact: Lorene 

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  • Sammy






    Missing Since: 9/12/11
    Male, neut.


    Sammy is a very affectionate 6.5 year old tiger tuxedo with a small white mark on his left cheek. He weighs about 20 pounds. It is not known how he managed to get out, but he has never been out before, and does not have outdoor survival skills. Missing from the Gage Hill Road/Old Gage Hill Road area of Pelham. He does have a micro-chip. Reward offered for his safe return.  

    Please Contact: Julie
    (978) 866-3605

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