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  • Claude
    Missing Since: 08/26/2011

    Our male cat, Claude, did not come home yesterday, which is unlike him. He is missing from the Conifer Lane/County Road area of Amherst, NH. He is friendly and affectionate, and has double paws as well as a paint brush tail.  

    Please Contact: Lori
    (603) 672-6318
    (603) 321-5140 (cell)


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  • Kiara



    Missing Since: 8/22/11



    Our cat, Kiara, is a gray and black tabby, and weighed about 10 or 11 lbs. when she got lost. Last seen on Ridge Road, Center Barnstead, NH (on Suncook Lake).  

    Please Contact: Heather


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  • Riley




    Missing Since: 8/16/11
    Male, Neut.


    Riley is a 6 year old, neutered, large, heavy black/brown tiger with a lighter patterned belly (his tabby pattern is mackerel). A strong identifying feature of this cat is that he has huge front double-paws. They’re massive. He was a rescue four years ago and is dearly loved and missed. His little “brother” also misses him terribly.

    Please Contact: Debbie
    (603) 826-3410  Cell: (603) 398-0072


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  • Pumpkin



    Missing Since: 8/16/11
    Male (neut.)



    Pumpkin is a one year old shorthaired orange tabby cat. He has a white patch under his chin. He is missing from around Hall Road and Sherborne Road area in Barrington.  

    Please contact: Judy
    (603) 380-2897 any time of day 

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  • Will Feral





    Will Feral
    Missing Since: 8/14/11
    Male, neut.


    I am missing my cat, Will Feral, a tan/gray snowshoe tuxedo cat with white chest, paws, and facial markings. He has blue eyes and a black spot on his nose. Will Feral is about 3 or 4 years old. He is missing from the area around Porcupine Circle in Salem, NH. We miss him terribly. Reward offered. 

    Please Contact: LouAnn
    (603) 233-0557

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  • Ronin


    Missing Since: 8/11/11
    Male, neut. 

    Ronin is a medium-sized, mixed breed cat resembling a Maine Coon, with long hair, gray/black coat, and 6 toes on all four feet. He was wearing his white flea collar when he got lost. Missing from Shirley Park Road area of Goffstown.

    Please contact: Dan
    (603) 717-2229


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  • Rigel






    Missing Since: 8/09/11


    Our 10 year old, neutered black cat, Rigel, went missing on August 9th at about 8:30 pm in the Bean Road/Brieanne Road area. His fur is medium/long. Because of his chronic allergies, his nose will most likely be congested/running. Rigel is used to cats and dogs. He is not microchipped.

    Please Contact: Jennifer
    (603) 424-3852      or cell: (603) 582-1240

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  • Gabriel


    Missing Since:

    My cat Gabriel is a gray, short-haired manx, with a tail about two inches long. He has yellow and green eyes, and was almost a year old when he went missing.  He was last seen in Locke Lake,  in Center Barnstead. He is dearly missed.  Any information about his whereabouts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

    Please Contact: Laura
    (603) 608-7822


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  • Fluff

    Missing Since: 8/5/11

    Fluff is a ragdoll, who is white, very fluffy, and has blue eyes and a gray tail. She was wearing a pink collar with my phone number on it. 

    Fluff was last seen on Hutchins Street near the cow pasture.  I’m worried sick. Large reward offered for her safe return.  
    Please Contact: Karla
    (603) 568-6503

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  • Bella





    Missing Since:




    Bella is solid black, short-haired, slightly overweight, and is fairly friendly with strangers. She does not have a collar or a chip.  Have you seen her?

    Please Contact: Marilyn
    (603) 654-6626 or
    (978) 995-8980

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  • Zach




    Missing Since: 8/3/2011


    Zach is a large black cat with white on his nose, chest and feet. He has a black spot on the back of one rear foot, one amber colored eye and one mostly green eye with an amber spot on it. He has a brother cat who cries for him every night. 

    Please Contact: Pat or Pam
    Cell (860) 466-0406

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