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  • Piper



    Missing Since: 5/22/13

    Piper is a large (17 lb.) spayed female calico. Color pattern is white, orange, and gray. She went missing mid-morning on May 22nd, from the area of Berry Road and Meaderboro in New Durham. She is very friendly. Anyone who has seen her or has her hanging around for handouts please contact me right away, small reward for her return.




    Please Contact:  Greg 
    (603) 509-2956




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  • Found in Kittery


    Found: 5/30/13

    This cat was found in Kittery, Maine. Is he your cat?

    Please Contact: Katherine
    (603) 294-6480


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  • Found in Kittery


    Is this your cat?
    Found: 5/30/13

    While trying to trap our own lost cat, we caught this one instead. The cat is very thin, and we are caring for her until we can find her family. If you think this might be your lost cat:

    Please Contact:
    (603) 294-6480

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  • Kovu


    Missing Since: May 12, 2013

    Kovu is a four year old neutered male tiger cat. He has white paws, and white under his chin and down to his belly. He is a large cat, no collar. He was lost in Kittery, near the shipyard.



    Please contact: Katherine 
    (603) 294-6480








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  • Reunited!


    Missing Since: 5/14/13
    Reunited: 5/26/13

    Our fifteen year old calico cat was lost, and  after over a week, she was found not too far away in a neighbor’s cellar. She is now home, safe and sound! 


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  • Lost in Waterville Valley


    Missing Since: 5/13/13

    Our 10 year old spayed female, long-haired gray cat slipped out of the house and is now lost.  Missing from the Windsor Hill section of Waterville Valley. She has never been outside before, and is very shy. If you see her, please do not chase her, but contact us immediately.

    Please Contact: (339) 203-0078 (call or text)  

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  • Christmas


    Missing Since: 5/17/13
    Reunited: 5/19/13

    Christmas was missing for two days when his person heard a meow coming from the sewer grate. She went over and meowed into the sewer, and her cat’s face popped out from one of the drainage pipes! He was hungry and thirsty but perfectly okay, and he is currently at home, curled up on his favorite cushion. 

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  • Karma


    Missing Since: 5/14/13
    Reunited: 5/17/13

    Karma’s family had recently moved to a new home when Karma suddenly disappeared. His person went back to their old address, called Karma, and just when she was about to give up and go home, he came meowing over to her! 


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  • Harley


    Missing Since: 5/14/13
    Reunited: 5/30/13

    Last night at 2:30 A.M. we heard something in the Have-a-hart trap we put out by the escape door and it was Harley! Sixteen days and a few pounds later our indoor-only cat  is home!

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  • Miki


    Missing Since: 5/5/13
    Reunited: 5/25/13

    Miki was missing for about three weeks when she suddenly showed up on our doorstep. She was given a thumbs up at the vet, and is now curled up safe and sound in our bed. Thank you to everyone who helped us look for her.


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  • Aries


    Missing Since: May 7, 2013
    Reunited: May 9, 2013 

    Aries was found in a neighbor’s basement after  two days. He is now home with the family who loves him.

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  • Found in Madbury


    Found: 4/24/13

    We found this super-friendly and sweet female cat on 4/24/13 in the area of Madbury near Pudding Hill Road and Evans Road. She appears to be a very young cat. All white with gorgeous blue eyes. Does not like dogs (we have three dogs!) We have posted signs in the area, and also online. She is safe here and we will care for her until her family is found.

     Please Contact: Lisa


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  • Coopy


    Missing Since: 5/13

    Coopy (also known as Cooper) went missing the last few days of April, 2013. She was last seen on Main Street in Rindge, NH. She doesn’t have a collar or a microchip. She’s friendly but sometimes shy with strangers, spayed, and was born in 2011. She’s a petite female, brown and black tiger who is very important to her family.

    Please Contact: Amanda

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  • Gladis


    Gladis (Gladdy)
    Missing Since: 5/1/13
    Reunited 5/3/13

    Gladdy was reunited with her family after they set a humane trap for her right next to their home. She is doing well and happy to be with her family again.


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  • Buddy


    Missing Since: 4/27/13

    Lost black and white neutered male cat. He is an indoor-only cat who is unfamiliar with the area, and very scared. Last seen on Bay Road in Berry Court area.

    Please Contact: (603) 839-1704


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