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  • QT

    Missing Since: 7/25/11
    Male, neut.

    QT is a 7-year old orange tabby/tiger. He usually never wanders beyond the sound of my voice. He went missing from Back River Road in Bedford, NH, near intersection of Back River and Smith. He is shy around strangers. We really miss our QT so much. We raised him from a baby kitten so we are his only family. If you have seen him or know where he is, please call ASAP. Reward for his safe return. Please let me know if you find him even if he has been killed, so I can give him a decent burial in his own yard. Thank you.

    Please Contact: Robert
    (603) 668-5796

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  • Teddy




    Missing Since: 7/11/11
    Male (neut.)


    Teddy is a 10 year old, long-haired, orangey (creamsicle) colored cat. He went missing sometime Monday, July 11th, in the morning hours (after 6:00 AM). He normally sticks around the barns / house so this is not his normal behaviour to be gone for this amount of time. Teddy is very friendly and will come when called. He is missing from the Cartland Road area of Lee.

    Please Contact: Kelly
    Cell (603) 817-7171

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  • Franklin




    Missing Since: 7/5/11


    Franklin is an outdoor cat who went missing on Tuesday, July 5th, between the hours of 8 A.M. and 2 P.M. He is a homebody, so we think he may have been startled by a dog and panicked. He has never been away from home before, so this is atypical of him. He lives in the Cartland Road area of Lee, where lots of people walk with their dogs, and his favorite spot was at the end of our driveway, sitting on a stone wall. Have you seen him? 





    Please Contact: Dennis or Christine
    (603) 659-0493





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  • Luther




    Missing Since: 7/4/11




    Luther is an orange and white tiger cat who has been missing since early July, 2011. He was about a year old at that time. He is very sweet, and we miss him terribly.

    Please contact: Annie
    (413) 320-7431


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  • Found in Milford



    Found: 7/2011

    This gray cat has been seen on Federal Hill Road in Milford since about July, 2011.  He was well fed this past winter, and had a little shelter inside the barn, so I’m happy to report that when I saw him, his weight looked okay, and he seems to be doing well. I would love to find his owner. He’s so pretty and needs to be home and loved!

    Please Contact: Nancy
    (603) 689-8807


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