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  • Gus



    Missing Since:

    Gus is a large gray “Lilac Point” Siamese cat from the Hazelnut Lane area in Londonderry, NH. He is sorely missed by our three small children.  If you see a cat that might be Gus:

    Please contact: (603) 540-2927


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  • Mario



    Missing Since: 4/17/14
    Reunited: 4/25/14

    Mario came home last night. I had put food out each night since he left and last night I happened to look outside, and there he was on the doorstep!  He seems to be very happy to be home!


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  • JoJo



    Missing Since: 4/11/14

    JoJo is a medium-sized cat with short fur that is white on his underside, and dark tabby (gray with black stripes) on his head, back, and tail. Last seen in Meriden, on Main Street and Bonner Road.

    Please contact:

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  • Gary



    Missing Since: 4/18/14
    Reunited: 4/21/14

    Gary came home tonight on his own and I have a very happy little boy who has his cat back :)

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  • Pepper



    Missing Since: 4/14/14
    Reunited: 5/1/14

    We found Pepper last night with the help of Kitty Angels.

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  • Spanky



    Missing Since: 4/13/14
    Reunited: 4/20/14
    Spanky is home!  A neighbor a few houses away called after telling her daughter there was a cat in their garage.  Her daughter said “Mom, there’s a missing cat!”, having seen the notices my daughter and I had posted. Very happy family. 


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  • Found in Kingston

    Found in Kingston


    Found: 4/14/14

    This cat was found at the intersection of Chase and Church, in Kingston. Seemed lost and scared. If this is your kitty:

    Please contact:


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  • Bella



    Missing Since: 4/2014

     We just moved from Bedford to Derry, and Bella must have gotten out with the movers there. She is an indoor cat and not used to the elements. She is white and fluffy and has blue eyes. We believe that Bella is lost in Bedford, near Wallace and N. Amherst Rd, but there is also a remote possibility she may be in Derry.

    Please contact: (603) 714-1098

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  • Found: 4/2014

    Found a young cat with brown stripes. Gold eyes, very friendly. Waterford place apartment complex in Manchester. The cat was brought to the Friends of Manchester Animal Shelter at 490 Dunbarton Road in Manchester.

    Please contact: (603) 628-3544


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  • Pumpkin



    Missing Since: 3/31/14
    Reunited: 4/9/14

    It is a happy ending . . . Pumpkin is home.  Someone thought they locked him out of their barn but they really locked him in.  He was very hungry and thirsty.  But good.


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  • Eddie



    Missing Since: 10/19/13
    Reunited: 4/6/14

    Linda writes: Last night a starving cat came to my back door. I fed him and started an immediate search for his owner. I found the cat’s picture on Cat Finders, and notified his family. Now, hours later, he is home! After nearly 6 months and a brutal winter outside, Eddie is now reunited with his family.

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  • Found in Newfields. Is this your cat?

    Found in Newfields. Is this your cat?


    Found: 3/2014

    Found in Newfields, long haired black and white tuxedo cat. White bib and white feet, dark chin. Medium size, shy, but being well-fed. We have seen this cat before, maybe two years ago, so if he is a pet it is possible that he has been missing for a long time.

    Please Contact: Cats1st at


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  • Reunited

    Found in Dover. Is this your cat?

    Found: 4/4/14
    Reunited: 4/5/14

    This cat was found meowing on our porch. She was very friendly, and a healthy weight, so we were pretty sure that she was not a stray. Well, good news–the mom of the lost kitty contacted us this evening! She was a neighbor whose indoor cat got out last night.

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  • Merrimack



    Missing Since: 4/3/14
    Reunited: 4/5/14

    Our girl came home this morning!  We found her in a tree in the woods behind our house.


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  • Mr. Bean

    Mr. Bean


    Mr. Bean
    Missing Since: 4/2/14
    Reunited: 5/2/14

    Mr Bean came home today! He’s skinny but alive and home after a month of being gone.

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  • Fuzzy



    Missing Since: 4/1/14

    Fuzzy, our male tiger cat, went missing from the Randall Way/Prescott Road area of Epping. If you see him:

    Please contact: Holly (603) 706-0026


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  • Blackie



    Missing since: 4/1/14

    Black, short-haired male cat went missing 4/1/14 about 10 A.M. in Royal Circle area. Right front leg has an area that was shaved. Please help me find Blackie.

    Please contact: Maureen
    (603) 401-3772


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