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  • Linxy



    Missing Since: 11/25/14
    Reunited: 11/26/14

    Linxy has been found.


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  • Missing in Berwick or Somersworth

    Missing in Berwick or Somersworth


    Missing Since: 10/26/14

    My cat is pure black, including whiskers. He is a one year old neutered tom, weighing about 10 pounds (when he disappeared), with very short hair. His right eye is a wandering eye. He was previously a feral cat, picked up by someone last summer on the South Berwick/Rollinsford line, so he might have gone back to that area. It is possible that he was spotted in Penny Woods near Rte. 9 about two weeks ago. He might have found himself a barn full of mice, so if you have a barn in the Berwick area, will you please check to see if he is there? He is very sweet with people after his initial shyness. I miss him dearly.

    Please contact: (207) 332-7423


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  • Captain Ahab

    Captain Ahab


    Captain Ahab
    Missing Since: 11/19/14
    Reunited: 12/3/14

    Captain Ahab is now home, safe and sound! We tried putting his bedding and litter box outside, and left wet food out on a regular basis. We saw glimpses of him of him every few days, but it was not until a friend loaned us a Hav-a-Hart trap that we were able to capture him. He is a bit thin and so is going to the vet ASAP, but he seems fine otherwise.


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  • Zoe



    Missing Since: 11/10/14

    Zoe is a white and gray tiger cat who weighs about 10 pounds. She was not wearing a collar when she went missing. She is an indoor/outdoor cat,  and has been our loving cat for about 10 years. Missing from the Blueberry Hills division.

    Please contact: email:
    or (603) 878-9009


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  • Molly



    Missing Since: 11/17/14
    Reunited: 12/2/14

    Molly is now home! The day Molly went missing, it was because a person saw her on the street outside our home, and thought Molly looked cold, so she picked her up and brought her to a friend’s house, about six blocks away.  The friend  “took Molly in”. After about two weeks, the person who originally took Molly saw my “lost cat” posters, and contacted the woman who was caring for Molly, who, in turn, called me. I guess my life can get back to normal now that Molly-Kitty is safely home.


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  • Have you seen this cat?

    Have you seen this cat?


    Missing Since: 10/18/14

    Our cat has long/medium length fur, and is almost all black, with a small bib of white on her chest. She is eight years old, and rather tiny in frame. She is very timid and skittish. Lost her near West River Road and Hackell Hill Road in Hooksett.

    Please contact: Larry (603) 301-1112


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  • Zoe



    Missing Since: 11/14/14

    Zoe is an indoor-only cat, but we are afraid she got out and is now lost. She has been a part of our family for 13 years, and we miss her very much. If you see a cat that might be her:

    Please contact: (603) 489-9799


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  • Is this your cat?



    Found: 11/12/14
    Rehomed 4/20/15

    This cat was found wandering in the Exeter River trailer park and when her family was unable to be found after five months, she was eventually adopted into a new home.


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  • Millie



    Missing Since: 11/11/14
    Reunited: 11/21/14

    Today, when I came home, Millie was waiting for me outside the door! She is all skin and bones, so we suspect she might have been locked in a neighbor’s garage, perhaps, while they were away. We’re so relieved, and so is Millie! Our baby is home again! I hope all the other missing family members out there find their way home soon, too!


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  • Bella



    Missing Since: 11/12/14
    Reunited: 11/15/14

    Bella came home this morning of her own accord. After 2 and a half days missing, she was hungry but otherwise none the worse for wear.  She’s not even dirty! She either found somewhere to hunker down or someone took her in, I don’t’ know. But she’s home, that’s all we care about. And we’ll never leave a door open again!


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  • Chandler



    Missing Since: 11/8/14

    Chandler is white with orange patches, and an orange striped tail. He went missing near the Atkinson Country Club on the Providence Hill Road in Atkinson. If you have found him, or see a cat that might be him:

    Please contact: (603) 362-5439 


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  • Vinnie



    Missing Since: 10/19/14

    Vinnie is mostly black with green/yellow eyes. He is a Domestic Short Hair, about 12 pounds. He is very sweet and shy, and has a micro-chip. Please help bring my little Vinnie home.

    Please contact: (978) 504-1188


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  • Brady



    Missing Since: 10/31/14

    Brady is a large, young, fixed cat. He is all black except for a few white hairs here and there. He was last seen in the vicinity of John Tasker Road and Rte. 126 in Barnstead. He answers to his name, and also responds to “Yum Yum”. If you see him or any cat that might be him:

    Please contact: Tim (603) 387-5796


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  • Reunited



    Found: 11/3/14
    Reunited: 11/4/14

    When Jennessa found this cat in Kensington, hiding and then meowing for help, she thought maybe he lived in the neighborhood, and was just out for a short walk. But when he was still there hours later, she knew he must be lost and took him home out of the cold. The next day she brought him to the vet to be scanned for a micro-chip, and happily, the cat had one. It turned out that the cat, possibly missing for only one or two days, had somehow managed to be found 8 miles from his home in Brentwood. Now he is home with his family safe and sound.


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