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  • Tucker




    Missing Since: Aug. 21, 2012


    Our cat Tucker, whom we absolutely adore, went missing on August 21st.  We always let him out and called to him in the evening and he would come running!  I have four little boys who couldn’t love this little cat more.  He has brought more joy to our family then I ever could have imagined, and I hope more than you know that we will find him.  He is around 14 or 15 months old, he is gray & white and so friendly. Missing from Oak Hill Rd. in Wakefield NH. 

    Please Contact: Miranda


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  • Pooh
    Missing Since: June 28th, 2012

    Missing from Melendy Road and Armory Road in Milford. Twelve year old, fixed female cat weighing 12 lbs. Has a belly, all orange.

    Please Contact: Brenda


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  • Found in Franklin








    This  long-haired black & white, medium-sized (female?) furry creature has been hanging out in my yard for some time now. Very fuzzy, and very sweet! She’s warmed up to me since I’ve hestitantly started feeding her; we’re able to handle her, groom her, etc.  Currently she is sleeping in the house, and seems to prefer being inside most of the time.  Basically all black, with white hind feet/legs, tiny white front paws, and a small white patch on chest and belly. HUGE yellow eyes! And she’s very vocal. Someone out there must miss her terribly. 
    We are located in the vicinity of Franklin Regional Hospital. 

    Found in Franklin



    Please Contact: Lynn
    (603) 934-4453




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    Missing Since: 8/17/12


    My beloved Holly went missing on Friday night just before a rainstorm.  We’re very worried, because she never wanders more than a couple of houses away, and very rarely stays out overnight.  Holly is a long-hair black-and-white spayed female, ten years old.  She has a long fluffy black tail and cute white feet.  She is missing from the area of Barrington near the Lee Traffic Circle (where Rte. 125 and Rte. 4 meet).


    Please Contact: Alejo
    Home (603) 868-2367
    Cell (603) 781-9246
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  • Rusty




    Missing Since:


    We live in Hudson, MA but have some reason to believe our male cat, Rusty, may have jumped into a Basement Systems delivery truck and was driven to Plaistow NH.

    Please Contact: Diane   (978) 549-6188

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  • Squash





    Missing Since: 7/16/11
    Male, neut.


    Squash is a declawed male, who is approx. 2 years old. He’s black with white markings, and has a spot on his eye. He is very friendly. He is a house cat, but when we moved to Atkinson he got out of the back door and never came back. Has anyone seen him? I miss Squash very much.  

    Please Contact: Patty
    (603) 818-2394

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  • Blacky





    Missing Since: 11/28/09


    Blacky is a two year old indoor-only cat who got lost on moving day. He is all black except for a little bit of white under his chin. He has a very long tail, like a Bombay cat has. Blacky is a sweetheart and is normally pretty friendly, but is probably timid right now. His family misses him and is very worried about him. Please keep an eye out for him.  

    Please Contact: Pam

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  • Silly Basket




    Silly Basket
    Missing Since: 11/24/11


    Silly Basket is a black and white super fluffy, long-haired tuxedo cat. He is 4 years old. He has big green eyes, and white paws and chest. He is sweet and mild-mannered. He was last seen on Lane Road and Ashley Court in Raymond. He is microchipped. Nice reward offered for his safe return. We miss him so much! 

    Please Contact: Kim
    (603) 244-1212 or (603) 793-2923 (cell)

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  • Trix




    Missing Since: 9/5/10


    Trix is a large, Siamese mix. This photo was taken two weeks before he went missing. He lives in the Merrick Road area of Raymond. I miss him more every day.

    Please Contact: Lisa
    (603) 895-1473

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  • Sweety


    Missing Since: 11/12/11

    NOTE to Sweety’s family: Please update your contact information. The email address we had for you is no longer valid, and the phone number had no voicemail. Please email new contact information to Thank you.

    Sweety is an an indoor cat who sneaked out on Nov. 12th, and has been missing ever since. She is very small, with tiger stripes, mostly tans and browns, maybe some torbie coloring. Missing in the Hanover Street area of Portsmouth. She does not have a collar on. If you see her, please, please contact us.

    Please Contact: Marc
    (603) 530-1331

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  • Barney






    Missing since: 7/5/11
    Male, Neut.


    Barney is a gray and white domestic short haired cat, with tiger patterned undertone. He has white paws, bib, and stomach. He has some tan on his cheeks. Barney is three years old, and weighs about eight lbs. He is missing from the Sagamore Avenue area, near Cliff Road and Walker Bungalow Road.  When he went missing, he was wearing his blue stretch collar with a bell.  

    Please Contact: Sheridan
    (603) 502-9027

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  • Hiroshi




    Missing since: 11/11/2010


    Hiroshi is a big gray and white cat. He is missing from the end of Sherburne Rd. in Portsmouth. He is 2 years old, neutered, and very affectionate and friendly. He is sorely missed. If you find him or have seen him please contact me. Thank you. 

    Please Contact: Lisa 
    (603) 856-6668

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  • Tony





    Missing since: 10/3/11
    Male (neut)


    Tony is a black and white tuxedo cat with a pink nose, who weighs about 10 lbs. He is missing the whiskers over his left eye. His cry is distinct, sounding like a purr and a meow together. He is normally friendly, though he has been missing a while, so he may be more cautious around people he doesn’t know. He likes to chase string. Tony is missing from North Main Street in Plaistow. If you see him: 

    Please Contact: Joanne
    (603) 382-4925

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  • Trouble




    Missing Since: 11/13/11
    Female (spayed)


    Trouble is a beautiful black and white cat who is seven and a half years old. She has the top of a heart shape on her back below her neck. She was wearing her purple flea collar when she disappeared. Last seen on Rea Road in Northwood. She is our baby, and is dearly missed.




    Please Contact: Beverly
    (603) 303-4461



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  • Sgt. Tibbs





    Sgt. Tibbs
    Missing Since: 7/8/11
    Male (neut.)


    We had just moved to Northwood from Maine, and Sgt. Tibbs, one of our indoor-only cats, escaped about a week after we got here. Sgt. Tibbs is a two year old orange and white tabby. He is my daughter’s cat and she is devastated. He is missing from the Rochester Road (Rte. 202) area of Northwood.  

    Please Contact: Patty
    (207) 475-4166

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  • Lost in Northwood






    Missing Since:


    My small, one year old, tri-colored female cat has been missing since July 3rd, 2011. Missing in the Lucas Pond Road area. If you see her, please call.

    Please Contact: Jody
    (603) 942-5644 

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  • BT




    Missing Since: 10/8/10


    BT is a very large, neutered male Maine Coon Cat. He has had a hip replacement due to being hit by a vehicle several years ago. BT is very friendly. He’s missing from the Clough Road area near Wild Goose Pond and Jenness Pond. He has a microchip.   

    Please Contact: Nancy
    (603) 435-6048 

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  • Bailey




    Missing Since: 8/1/10
    Female, spayed


    Bailey is a petite calico cat, who was 10 months old when she got lost, from Blakes Hill Road in Northwood. Bailey is extremely special to our family as she was given to our daughter by her brother who was being deployed to Afghanistan. Please help us find her; we are heartbroken and miss her very much. She is quite lovable and likes to talk a lot (meow).  Please help her come home.

    Please Contact: Rosemary
    (603) 731-0718

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  • Charlie



    Missing Since: 9/09
    Male, neutered


    Charlie is a Siamese male cat, around 12 years old when he got lost. He is an indoor-only cat. He is missing from the First NH Turnpike area of Northwood.  I’m in Pittsburgh, but if he is found I can have someone up there pick him up for me. Reward offered. 

    Please Contact: Elaine
    (603) 275-1999   

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    Found Kitten





     Found Kitten


    We have a stray kitten hanging around our house. I wanted to see if anyone may be looking for it. The kitten is very friendly, so may have had a family.  If he/she is your kitten:

    Please Contact: Sherri 

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