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     Found: 9/12/12




    Danville/Sandown/Fremont area. Longish haired gray cat has wandered onto our property. She/he has been out there for a while, but found us about 9/12/12. Thin and a little matted, but VERY friendly. Must have been someone’s pet.  Very vocal, purrs and rubs on your leg for some affection, rolls around and jumps up to be petted.  Sweet kitty, hoping someone is still looking for her/him . . .
    Please Contact: Jennifer
    (603) 493-0933
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  • Jamie





    Missing Since: 9/21/12


    I last saw my indoor-only cat at about 9:30 PM last night (9/21). This morning I discovered he had escaped through a hole in my father’s basement on Old Lakeshore Rd. I have looked everywhere and driven or walked all the nearby roads and haven’t seen him. He’s a male, neutered, domestic shorthair with brown/tan tiger stripes. He weighs approximately 15 pounds. He’s friendly, but shy around people he doesn’t know.

    Please Contact: Tara
    (603) 293-7301

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  • Chavez

    Missing Since: 9/15/12

    Chavez is solid gray with black markings on his face. He is a Sphynx cat, so has no fur, just short downy hair that makes him appear almost bald. He was lost from Scenic Drive, in Derry N.H. We think he may be locked in someone’s shed or garage and we are asking anyone that lives in that area to please check those places for him. We are offering a large financial reward to whomever finds him.
    Please Contact: Florence
    (603) 661-9552 or
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  • Winslow




    Reunited with his family after 7 days 

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  • Rudy





    Missing Since: 9/7/12



    Rudy is a large male orange tabby (stripes), 7 years old, with some dark flecking on his gums.  He was last seen in the vicinity of Plain Road and Rte. 119.  Rudy was accidentally transported from his home in a landscaper’s trailer and was observed escaping the trailer at Plain Road and Rte. 119, approximately 3 miles away from home. 

    Please Contact:
    or call any of the following phone numbers:  (603) 336-7504; 
    (603) 667-3318;   (917) 841-6546.


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  • Found in Hudson, NH










    Update 10/14/12: This Found Cat has just been brought to the Greater Nashua Humane Society, as the family dog did not want him around. The Humane Society is calling him “Salem”.

    Black cat found  in the Nottingham West school area in Hudson, NH. This cat has been hanging around our house since August, and wouldn’t leave, so we started feeding him.

    Please Contact: the Greater Nashua Humane Society
    24 Ferry Road Nashua, NH 03064 
    (603) 889-2275

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  • Kitty







    Missing Since: Sept. 5, 2012



    Our kitty went missing on 9/5  from our Sherwood Meadows home in Pembroke, NH after a rainy night. Kitty is a multicolor tabby cat and is very friendly.

    Please Contact: Craig
    or (603) 340-1386

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  • Lexie







    Missing Since: Sept. 3, 2012


    Lexie has been missing since the evening of September 3rd.  She is a gray, white and black, long haired, spayed tabby with a white ruff at her neck. She is on the petite side (about 7-8 lbs).  Missing from Doris Street in Derry. 

    Please Contact: or
    (603) 247-6227


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