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  • Reunited


    Missing Since: 2/25/13
    Reunited: 3/10/13
    Missing two weeks

    This cat came home on his own.




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  • Amy


    Missing Since: 2/24/13

    Amy answers to her name, or “kitty”. She is a gray, fluffy cat, with flecks of red and cream fur. She is very small, only about 6 lbs., and is a year and a half old. She loves to play with crumpled paper. She is an indoor cat, and lives in a family with two children. Missing from the area near Oak Street in Pittsfield. We all love Amy dearly, and would love for her to come home.



    Please Contact:
    (704) 856-9246



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    Missing Since: 12/19/12

    Brooklyn was only 12 weeks old when she disappeared at the rest area in Seabrook, NH this past December. She enjoys her food, carrying her mouse around, sleeping with her nose in your ear, and visiting all the neighbors in her building. She is under the vet’s care for a chronic congestion problem and her nose can run very fast at times. We love her and want her to come home. 



    Please Contact:Pat
    (207) 594-7042 or
    (207) 542-6579




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    Missing Since: 2/18/13
    Reunited: 3/11/13
    Missing for 22 days

    We have Nat back! He was trapped just over a mile north of us; the folks who trapped him saw our ad in the local paper and called us :)


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  • Mozzi


    Missing Since: 2/19/13
    Male (neut.)
    Reunited: 6/13

    Mozzi was found in June. He was brought in because of an injury. He is now home with us and happy and healthy again!


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    Found in Greenville


    Found: Approx. 2/14/13

    This cat was found in Greenville, NH, last week. She was a mess, so maybe she has been missing for a while?

    Please Contact:
    (978) 979-2823


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  • Jesse

    Missing Since: 2/17/13
    Reunited: 2/21/13
    Missing 4 days

    Jesse’s person didn’t give up. She spread the word around the neighborhood, and  even left Jesse’s favorite bed, a pillowcase, outside for her. Jesse turned up at a neighbor’s home, was recognized, and then her person got the best phone call ever! 

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  • Found in Manchester

    Found: 2/14/13

    This morning, this little cat was sleeping on a chair on my porch. When I first went outside the cat bolted, but came back within seconds to get attention. He (or she) is a black and white short hair cat with a healed cut/missing piece on his left ear. Since he was so lovey and healthy-looking I figured he might belong to someone. He was found in the area of Pearl and Warren St. in Manchester. I think he has been hanging around for a few days.

    Please Contact: Alex


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    Missing Since: 2/09/13
    Reunited: 2/12/13

    Boo went out before the big snowstorm, and didn’t come back. His family spoke to all the neighbors, and also put listings on Cat Finders and other sites.  On the fourth day, his family walked around the neighborhood, calling his name softly near sheds and outbuildings. Shortly afterwards, he came home on his own.  


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    Found in Nashua

    Found: 2/5/13

    I found this cat hiding on my back porch today around 4 P.M. The area is Pine Street/Lake Street in Nashua. Her long fur is brown, with darker brown points. Green eyes. Wearing a pink collar with bell. Very sweet cat.  Possibly a Himalayan.

    Please Contact:


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  • Found 2/2/13

    Medium-sized long haired tiger/tabby cat, black & brown, friendly.  It was determined that this is an unneutered male, young in age.  He is at the Lakes Region Humane Society in Ossipee.  

    Please contact: Lakes Region Humane Society
    (603) 539-1077

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    Missing Since: 1/29/13
    Reunited 2/1/13
    Reunited after 4 days

    Found in basement of her own townhouse. She somehow managed to get into the building’s basement, and was found safe and happy.

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