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  • Leo



    Reunited after 3 days

    Indoor-only cat survived Hurricane Sandy! His family found him by searching the neighborhood.


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  • Trinity


    Missing Since: Oct., 2012

    Trinity is a plump, tortoiseshell calico. Missing from the Central Street area of East Hampstead since the beginning of October.


    Please Contact:  
    (603) 560-4462

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  • Scout


    Missing Since: 10/22/12

    Our cat Scout is missing. He is a neutered male black and white tuxedo cat. Missing from Merrimack, near Amherst Road and Turkey Hill Road.
    Please contact: 603-566-1197
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  • Blue


    Missing Since: 10/21/12


    Our calico cat, Blue, went missing on 10-21-2012. She is people-shy and has bright blue eyes.

    Please contact: 508-954-4447 



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    Found in Hudson

    Found: 10/22/12
    Male, intact

    This young kitty was found in the neighborhood behind TBones in Hudson. He is a small, black and white boy who is not neutered. White whiskers, copper/light brown eyes. He is very friendly. Is this your cat?

    Please Contact: Jean
    (603) 889-7697


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  • Tugger

    Missing Since: 10/17/12

    Our cat Tugger has been gone since 10/17. He is 7 years old, fixed, indoor/outdoor, very very friendly with all people and animals. We live in Weare, NH, on the New Boston/Goffstown lines.





    Please contact: Heidi
    603-370-2983 or email pictures to





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  • Ashie


    Missing Since: 10/17/12

    Our small black cat has been lost since October 17th in the vicinity of Balsam and Turkey Hill Road in Merrimack. She is very small and all black with some matted areas on her lower back (I have been trying to slowly comb them out)  She was wearing two collars, one is purple.
    She answers to the name of Ashie and is very affectionate. She is our daughter’s best friend. Please check your sheds, garages and other outbuildings.



    Please Contact: Ann
    (603) 365-5410



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  • Found in Rollinsford





    Found: 10/18/12
    Reunited: 10/19/12



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  • McGee

    Missing Since: 9/29/12
    Reunited: 10/21/12


    See Happy Endings page for McGee’s story.


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  • Woody



    Missing Since: 10/7/12

    Came home on his own on 10/12/12. Reunited with his family after five days.

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  • Scrambles


    Missing Since: 9/2012
    Female, spayed 

    Scrambles is a small gray and white bi-color tabby.  She is about a year and a half old.

    Please Contact:


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  • Chloe


    Missing Since: 10/4/12

    Chloe is a plump tortoiseshell calico, about five years old.  

    Please Contact:


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  • Angus

    Missing Since: 10/2/12

    Angus is a very friendly two year old orange/buff tabby cat. He weighs about 13 pounds, and has a microchip. Slightly sunken eyes. Last seen on Long Hill Road, Raymond, NH.

    Please contact:
    (603) 303-9105


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  • Dozi


    Missing Since: 9/27/12
    Female, spayed

    Dozi is a small, domestic short hair,  gray and white cat. She is kitten-like, but is actually 6 years old. She is missing from Buck Street in Pembroke.

    Please Contact: Karyn (603) 491-8559


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  • Marvin

    Missing Since: 9/21/12

    We are searching for Marvin, a black and white 14 yr old, neutered male cat. He ran outside on appx 09/21 in the nighttime and did not come back. He has mainly white on his body with some black patches.  He is very shy and will probably not let anyone pick him up so hopefully we can rely on sharp-eyed people. He lives on Christina Road in Merrimack.

    Please Contact:  Marvene (603) 881-5014
    or Mary (603) 878-2093
    or the Milford Veterinary Hospital where he is well known and loved.

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