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  • Is this your cat?

    Is this your cat?


    Found: 1/26/14

    Young black cat found in Rochester, near Whitehouse Road. Friendly, and very thin. Is this your lost cat?

    Please contact:


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  • Found in Raymond

    Found in Raymond


    Found: 1/20/14

    This gray and white tiger cat was found meowing under our deck. He is very sweet and friendly, and is about one to three years old. He was found in the area of Harriman Hill Road in Raymond.  If you think this might be your cat, please use the contact information below:

    Is this your cat?

    Is this your cat?



     Please contact: (603) 895-4568



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  • Gabriel



    Missing Since: 1/21/14
    Reunited: 3/7/14

    After seven weeks and several snowstorms, Gabriel is now home, safe and sound. See how he was recovered on the Happy Endings page.


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  • Found in Manchester

    Found in Manchester


    Found: 1/15/14

    This black cat found his way into the warehouse where I work. After finally capturing him, I did not have the heart to just throw him outside so he is currently staying in a crate at my house.  I am unable to keep him, as I already have two of my own.  He is black with yellow eyes. If  you think this might be your lost cat:

    Please contact: (603) 860-0903


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  • Oliver


    Missing Since: 1/8/14

    Oliver, our two year old, neutered, orange tabby, has gone missing. We’ve just moved to a new location,  and I have a feeling that he simply cannot find his way home.  He does often stay out for a day or two at a time, but where this is a new home I am worried. Please help! Oliver has gained about five pounds since this picture was taken. He is missing from Wellington Hill in Manchester. If you see him, please contact us immediately, and in the meantime, he responds very well to treats.

    Please contact: (603) 345-7789


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  • Bootsy



    Missing Since: 12/29/13
    Reunited: 1/13/14

    Bootsy came home!



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  • Freshy Kitty

    Fresh Kitty


    Fresh Kitty
    Missing Since: 12/31/13
    Reunited: 1/13/14

    Good news: Fresh Kitty showed up at home today, skinny and hungry but she’s home!
     (Fresh Kitty went missing before the big snowstorm, and was out in the bitter cold for two weeks.)


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  • During extreme winter weather, a homemade cat shelter can save the life of  a lost, stray, or feral cat. Here are some ideas of how to make them:


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