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  • Uh Oh

    Uh Oh 
    Missing Since: August 28, 2010
    Male, neutered 

    My cat Uh-Oh is an orange, medium haired tiger cat with green eyes. He weighs only 8.5 lbs. He is sweet but shy. Not wearing a collar but does have a microchip.  Distinguishing mark:  Uh-Oh has a partial pink surgical graft on his right eye (not shown on photos).  Uh-Oh is missing from Greenmeadow Lane, Bedford, NH near Smith and Back River Road and the Merrimack line.  

    Uh Oh


    Please Contact: Patti
    (603) 661-5068
    or (603)-582 5469

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  • Kimba






    Missing Since: August 2010


    My all white cat Kimba went missing from my parents’ house in the Acre Street area of Raymond, NH. Kimba is friendly with no distinct markings and no collar. He is greatly missed!   

    Please Contact: Maighen

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  • Sammi





    Missing Since: 8/17/10 


    Sammi is a large black and white cat. White belly, white paws, and a white spot near his mouth. He’s blind in his right eye so it is usually closed. Very playful kitty but scared of loud noises (and dogs). He’s only been out a few times, and comes right back. Missing from the area near Newmarket’s Four Corners (intersection of Ash Swamp and Grant).

    Please Contact: Angelique
    (603) 394-6091

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  • Isis


    Missing Since: 8/4/10
    Female, spayed

    Isis is a Himalayan mix with blue eyes. She was 8 years old when she got lost, with long white hair and a bit of gray around  her head, paws and tail (bluepoint?). She’s very fluffy and soft, petite (about 6.5-7 lbs), sweet, shy with strangers. 


    Please Contact: Amy
    (603) 662-8230


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  • PK



    Missing Since:






     PK was 8 months old when she got lost. She is a  long-haired gray cat with front double paws. She is very petite, weighing only 4 pounds at that time, and she walks with a limp in her hind legs. PK was last seen in Locke Lake, Center Barnstead.

    Please Contact: Melissa
    (603) 856-5455

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