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  • Cocoa




    Missing Since: 11/28/11
    Female, spayed


    Cocoa is an all black cat with some white fur on her upper chest. She’s seven years old and a bit on the large side, with a belly that swings very clearly when she runs. She is very friendly, and behaves like a dog. She is missing from the Turkey Hill Road area in Merrimack. Please help us find her! 

    Please Contact: Kristen Bates
    (603) 512-4214

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  • 11/26/11

    Found small female black cat. She is almost entirely black except for one white spot under her neck. We think she is about one or two years old. This cat is very talkative, with a voice that sounds like a human baby crying. She is shy, but sweet and friendly too. We think she must have been missing a while, as she is much too skinny, with her ribs and hip bones sticking out. Has a loose white flea collar, which looks as if she has lost so much weight that it no longer fits. We brought her to the NHSPCA.

     Please Contact: NHSPCA
    (603) 772-2921 

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  • Charlie


    Missing Since:
    Male, neut.

    Charlie is an all black, short-haired cat, with a few white hairs on his chest. He has green eyes, and a stocky build. He went missing from the Temple Road area of  West Wilton on Thanksgiving.

    Please Contact: Deborah
    (603) 654-6731

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  • Found in Concord








    Our family was found by this adorable gray and white cat on the evening of November 13th. He is a young, intact male, probably less than a year old, with shiny dark gray fur. He has  white paws, neck, etc., a cute milk mustache, and orange/gold eyes. This absolute sweetheart was found in the Heights/East Side Drive/Loudon Road area of Concord. He is an adorable, lovable, affectionate cat, but since our female cat isn’t enjoying his visit, we will have to bring him to the Concord SPCA next week, if his family is not found. Is he your kitty?

    Please Contact: Deb

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  • Muggie

    Missing Since: 11/10/11
    Gender: Male, neut.

    Muggie is a Persian cat with long black/brown fur, and the most gorgeous golden eyes with a hint of orange. He was wearing a collar with a bell, and a flea collar, no tags.


    Muggie weighed about 12-13 pounds when he got lost. His whole family misses him dearly, and we are trying very hard to be reunited with him.

    Please Contact: Jennifer
    (339) 927-7875  


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  • Thistle

    Missing Since: 11/8/11
    Male, neut.

    Thistle is a long haired cat, with typical Maine Coon markings. He’s just over 3 years old, and a big boy; on his hind legs he can stretch and reach the knob on your door.

    He has extra toes, so his paws look pretty big. He does have a microchip. He’s remarkably friendly, good with other cats and dogs his size. He likes to sit on our laps, and when you pick him up, he’s happy to be carried the way you might carry a baby, with his head and paws on your shoulder. He is sorely missed.

    Please Contact: Matt
    (603) 876-4707
    (603) 762-3570

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  • Found in Derry



    This friendly young cat was found in the Derry/North Salem area, near Rte. 111. He is very vocal, meowing constantly for attention. Looks like he’s been lost a while as he is very skinny and had some ticks which we’ve removed. He has light orange fur, yellow/gold eyes, and is affectionate and sweet. No collar or tags. If you think this might be your cat: 

    Please Contact: Sara


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  • Charlie







    Missing Since: 11/2/11
    Male (neut.)


    Charlie is a five year old, black and white long haired cat. He is very friendly and fluffy. He is missing from the York Lane and Wiswall Road area of Lee. We miss him terribly. 

    Please Contact: Heather
    (603) 659-6966

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