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    Please scroll down to see the following: Posting your lost/found cat online; Animal Adoption Websites; Other Community Resources; Cat Rescues; Links to Expert Information; Professional Pet Finding Services; Animal Communicators; Emotional Support; Cat Protection and Advocacy; and Dogs


    Posting your lost/found cat online

    Of course, the first place you should post your lost or found cat is here on Cat Finders, by emailing Jessica at: Once you have done that, here are some other places to post your cat:


    Cat Finders’ Facebook page
    Your town’s community Facebook page

    Your local shelter’s Facebook page or website (see below)

    Shelters that post local lost/found cats on Facebook

    Animal Rescue League (Bedford)
    FuRRR (Gonic or Rochester)
    Lakes Region Humane Society (Ossipee)
    Lost My Way Animal Shelter (Claremont)
    Manchester Animal Shelter Facebook page  (Manchester area)
    Pope Memorial SPCA of Concord Merrimack County (Concord)
    Other websites
    Craigslist: Lost and Found
    Craigslist: Pets  
    Helping Lost Pets
    list your lost pet or search for cats that meet your cat’s description


    Search Animal Shelter Adoption Websites

    It is a good idea to call local animal shelters & email or bring a picture of your cat in case someone brings him/her there. We suggest searching adoption lists for every animal shelter or rescue within a 50 mile radius of your home, as someone finding your cat might bring him or her to a shelter that is most convenient for them, e.g. near where they work.  Some people advise physically going to animal shelters in your area daily to see if somebody has brought in your cat. Remember, many of the unclaimed strays” in shelters are really cats who are lost. Here are some links for shelters/adoptable cats:

    Friends of the Manchester Animal Shelter/Petfinder
    Cocheco Valley Humane Society
    NH Animal Shelters A list of shelters and rescue organizations, with links to their sites allows you to search for “adoptable” cats by zip code or by color or breed. Search often, as NH shelters are only obligated to keep strays for one week before adopting them out, and some rescues do not even keep them that long.

    Please Note: Not all  “adoptable” cats in a shelter are posted on shelter websites and/or

    Other Community Resources

    Dover, NH Animal Control Officer: Kathy Ladisheff
    (603) 742-4646 email:

    Are you considering bringing a cat you’ve found to a shelter? Read this first:   It is about lost dogs, but applies to lost cats as well.

    Cat Rescues

    If you have seen a stray or feral cat who needs help, please consider calling a Cat Rescue Organization rather than bringing the cat to a typical shelter, especially if the cat might be feral, i.e. unsocialized to humans, very frightened, aggressive, or wild. Cat Rescues are set up to help feral cats, and the cat will have a better chance of survival with a Rescue than they would at most typical animal shelters. Of course, bringing a cat to a Rescue may make it less likely that the cat will be reunited with his or her family, but at least it is less likely that the cat will be euthanized. Bringing a truly feral cat to most shelters (there are exceptions) is a death sentence. Even a cat who hisses might be considered “unadoptable” and be put down.

    Cats 1st is a local resource for feral/stray/abandoned cats. Based in Newfields, NH, Cats 1st helps people who find stray and feral cats by providing trapping services, as well as neutering and medical help. They will also help you trap your own lost or hiding cat, or any cat you have noticed who seems lost or in need of kind assistance. They check Cat Finders website frequently, trying to match lost and found cats!
    Feline Friends is a cat rescue organization based in Salem, NH. Feline Friends does not run a shelter. They provide foster homes for stray cats & then find them adoptive homes.
    SAFER Seacoast Area Feline Education and Rescue has a TNR program in the Hampton area. They have cats for adoption in foster homes.
    Siamese Cat Rescue Center has lost and stray Siamese/Siamese mix cats in foster homes throughout the Eastern US, including New Hampshire.
    WAG (We Are Animal Guardians)is a volunteer animal rescue that places strays with foster families, awaiting adoption. You can see the cats awaiting adoption on their website. Located in Weare.

    Need to borrow a Hav-a-Hart trap in the Manchester/Bedford, NH area? Contact Matt at: He is willing to lend one of his traps to people trying to bring a lost cat home.


    Professional Pet Finding Services

    Pet Detective: Compassionate Pet Services: Danielle Robertson, Hadley, MA  is a telephone “amber alert” system that informs neighbors to be on the watch for your lost cat or dog. We were asked to remove the link to this website, due to a technical issue, but you can find it by googling it.

     Animal Communicators

    (Experts who have had success in locating lost animals through telepathy)
    Carol Gurney
    Debbie McGillivray

    Running Bear

    Emotional Support

    Lightning Strike has various forums to discuss pet loss. Whether your cat is lost or has died, you can find support and understanding here.

    When Cats Grieve is an article about helping your grieving cat when another cat in the family becomes lost or has died. 



    Cat Protection Legislation/Activist Issues

    Alley Cat Allies  Advocates against killing stray or feral cats. Great information about helping the feral cats in your back yard.


    Granite State Dog Recovery is an all volunteer group working in partnership with shelters, rescue groups and (ACO) animal control agencies, veterinarians and pet lovers to help reunite lost dogs with their owners in the state of NH.

    If you own, or know of a shelter or cat rescue that should be listed here, please contact Cat Finders at and we will be happy to add your link to this site.

    Also, if any of the links above are no longer active, please let us know.

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