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  • Dee Dee 
    Missing Since: 10/29/2011

    Dee Dee is an eight year old gray tiger cat with lots of white on her legs and chest. She’s very friendly. She has been missing since the day of the big storm, from the area of Amherst Street in Amherst. If you see her:

     Please Contact: Philip
    (603) 673-3124
    (603) 801-6135 cell

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  • Katara

    Missing Since: 10/2011

    Katara is a young tortoiseshell. She is missing from Clark Road in Chester, near North Pond Road and Candia Road.

    Please Contact:
    (603) 370-8257

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  • Callie


    Missing Since: 10/15/11

    Callie is an 8 year old calico tabby/torbie cat who has never been outside before. Missing in the Ash Swamp Road area of Newmarket.

    Please Contact: April
    (603) 944-1698


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  • Tinkerbell

    Missing Since: 10/15/11
    Female, neut.




    Tinkerbell is almost 7 years old, and is dark gray with white feet, belly, and white markings on her face, including a lightning bolt going down her nose. Her eyes are green/yellow. She is missing from Pond Road in Surry NH.  

    Please Contact: Laura
    (603) 313-1357 (cell)

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  • Loki



    Missing Since: 10/08/11
    Male, neut.



    Loki is gray, with a half-white face. He is a slim, agile cat. One of his ears is clipped, showing that he was once a feral kitty. He is still cautious around people he doesn’t know. Loki is an adventurous cat, so he may have found his way into a shed or garage. Will you please check for him? He is missing in Kearsarge, up the street from Mt. Cranmore.

    Please Contact: Terry
    (508) 330-4434

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  • Rusty


    Missing Since: 10/7/11
    Male, neut.

    Our cat Rusty is 11 years old, and has been missing since the first week of October, 2011. Rusty is an orange tabby, with some black freckles on his nose. He’s shy around strangers. He was wearing a flea collar and also a blue nylon collar with a bell on it. 

    Please Contact: Jen
    (603) 724-7663 


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  • Babykitten

    Missing Since: 10/03/11

    Babykitten is about one or two years old. He is missing from the Spruce Road area of Danville since Oct. 3rd. Babykitten loves playing with the kids, and we all love him very much and want him to come home. Can you help us find Babykitten?

    Please Contact: JoAnne
    (603) 275-4909


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