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  • Chase
    Missing Since: 4/24/16
    Reunited: 4/24/16

    We found him!


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  • Found in Rollinsford

    Found in Rollinsford


    Found: April 20, 2016

    This friendly cat was found on Goodwin Street near Janco, in Rollinsford.  He is a short-haired cat, but very matted and seems to be ill. If this is your cat, please immediately contact:

    Cocheco Valley Humane Society
    (603) 749-5322



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  • Simba



    Missing Since: 4/18/16

    Simba is home.


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  • Tortoiseshell cat
    Missing Since: 4/16/16

    We are missing our young, female tortie, indoor-only cat. She is not spayed yet–she is recovering from pneumonia, which she has had since we adopted her two months ago, and she still breathes with a slight hiss. She has very distinctive markings: orange/gold stripe down the middle of her nose, short, black boot on left front leg and long black boot on left rear leg. Timid, but people-oriented once she is picked up. Missing from Governors Road in Brookfield.

    Please contact:


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  • Buster



    Missing Since: 4/15/16
    Reunited: 4/16/16

    He’s been found!


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  • Is this your cat?



    Found: approx. 4/15/16
    Reunited: 4/18/16

    Back with her family.


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  • Found in Pembroke

    Found in Pembroke


    Found: approx. 4/13/16

    Black and white cat, very friendly. Seen in the neighborhood of Micol, Nadine, and Melissa Drive in Pembroke. Is this your cat?

    Please contact: (802) 318-1528



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  • Mr. Kitty

    Mr. Kitty


    Mr. Kitty
    Missing Since: 4/13/16
    Reunited: 5/6/16 (approx.)

    Our Mr. Kitty was found because a neighbor recognized him from our posters and contacted us.


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  • Henry



    Missing Since: 3/15/16
    Reunited: 4/18/16

    Henry escaped from his carrier, just as we were entering Vet Clinic. We went around talking to the neighbors, and it turned out that some of them had seen him. One neighbor let us place a trap on her property, and called us this morning to let us know that Henry was in the trap! He is now home, and so happy to be here. He was missing for nearly 5 weeks, and was found within a half mile radius of where we saw him last.


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  • Bowser



    Missing Since: 4/6/16

    Bowser is a black and white cat, with a white stripe on his nose. He was wearing a red collar and a flea collar when last seen. Missing from Sherry Lane in Derry, not far from the railroad bed. He has a microchip, but might not be registered.

    Please contact: Nicole (603) 560-7147


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  • Pickles



    Missing Since: 4/9/16
    Reunited: 4/18/16

    Pickles is home!


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  • Dr. Bogs

    Dr. Bogs


    Dr. Bogs
    Missing Since: 4/10/16
    Reunited: 4/11/16

    We found him!


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  • Found in Plaistow

    Found in Plaistow


    Found: Approx. 4/5/16
    Re-homed: 5/8/16

    This dark tabby cat had been hanging around near Market Basket in Plaistow. This is a medium-sized cat, mainly brownish in color, but has black and gray markings as well. There does not appear to be any white on the cat. The tail seems to have a defined, black striped pattern. The kitty is skinny, and very hungry. He was brought to Feline Friends in Salem, NH, and named Eddie. Eddie was adopted on Mother’s Day.


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  • Kitty
    Missing Since: 4/4/16

    Kitty is an orange and white tabby cat who escaped from a faulty carrier outside Caring Hands Vet Hospital at 323 S. Willow Street in Manchester. He has an injured right arm. He is a stray cat who was being transported for medical care by a rescue worker. Please call with any sightings/location and direction Kitty was running toward. If so inclined, it would help to place food out to keep him in the area for trapping. Time is of the essence to help this little guy. Thank you!

    Please contact: Deb (603) 437-8739
    or (email)
    or Caring Hands Hospital (603) 668-6266


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  • Found: 4/2/16
    Reunited: 4/7/16

    White, black, and brown, young, neutered male cat found in the vicinity of Stoneview Road in Ossipee. He has been reunited with his family via word of mouth.


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