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  • Molly


    Missing Since: 2010

    Molly is a small cat with long hair. She can be skittish, but very sweet and friendly . . . meows a lot. She’s missing from the Milford Street neighborhood in West Manchester.


    Please Contact: Jenn  (603) 785-2194


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  • Simon






    Missing Since: 7/22/10


    Lost male tuxedo cat from Porcupine Circle, Salem, NH. Very friendly, apt to jump into any visitors cars. He is like a family member. 

    Please Contact: 
    (603) 233-0557

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  • Pumpkin





    Missing Since: 7/13/10
    Male, Neut.


    We are missing our orange and white male tiger cat, “Pumpkin”. He only has one eye, the left, which is green. He is ten years old and weighed about 18 lbs. when he went missing. He was not wearing a collar or any tags when he disappeared. He is loved and missed very much. Please note that Pumpkin is very prone to getting abscesses. Reward offered.

    Please Contact: Cathy

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  • Trevor

    Missing Since: 7/12/10
    Male, neutered

    We are missing our 13 yr. old orange & white tabby cat named Trevor. He has a white chest and paws with distinctive rings on his tail. Very friendly. Last seen on Holt Road in Amherst, NH.

    Please, if you see him, will you contact us? Thank you.

     Please Contact: Sheldon or Amie 
    (603) 673-5922

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  • Bandit

    Missing Since: 7/3/10

    Bandit is a tiger cat. She was wearing her flea collar last time we saw her. She has a nick missing from the top of her ear, and she walks with a limp due to a broken pelvis. She is small, a great mouser, and she loves her 130 pound labrador retriever, Buddy. She was last seen in Belmont, NH behind Dunkin Donuts on 140.  It has now been almost a month and we miss her dearly.                

     Please Contact: Penny
    (603) 455-1518

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  • Mr.Tibbs


    Mr. Tibbs
    Missing Since: 7/2010

    Mr. Tibbs is around eight years old, and walks with a slight limp. His coat is more orange than yellow, and he has white marks like tear stains on his handsome face. He answers to “Tibbie”, and has a habit of getting into vehicles. We think maybe he might have sneaked into a car or truck and took a ride somewhere. He doesn’t like to be indoors very long, as it makes him nervous. He vanished from his foster home close to the Salem/Pelham town line.

     Please Contact: Denise
    (978) 332-7506

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