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  • Pretty Kitty






    Pretty Kitty
    Missing Since: 10/29/10
    Male, Neut.


    Pretty Kitty is a medium, four year old, long haired, mostly white cat with orange spots. He has orange on his nose, above his eyes, an orange tail, and some orange spots on his back. He has a skittish temperament.

     Please Contact: Sally
    (603) 332-1996


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  • NIcky




    Missing Since: 10/21/10


    Nicky is a gray and white cat.  When she went missing, she was almost three years old. She has a half mustache, also gray. She went missing from the Ledge Road and Borderwinds Ave. area of Seabrook. She is very special to my family. She got out by mistake while we were on vacation, but has been out in the past with no problem. Please call if you have found her. 

    Please Contact: Carol
    (603) 918-7855

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  • Izzie


    Missing Since: 10/18/10
    Female, spayed

    Izzie is mostly white (small bit of gray & tan), with green eyes. She is a short-haired, spayed 3 year-old female kitty, who is friendly and very sweet. She has a small scar on one of her ears, and a frostbite scar on her ear (she was found as a stray: she had been starving, frozen in a snowbank in 2008 and rescued). She is missing from my Conway/Madison home since October 18th, 2010. 

    Please Contact:
    (603) 662-8230


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  • Tiffy


    Missing Since: 10/13/10

    Tiffy is a long-haired Maine Coon cat. She is missing from the Folly Mill Road area in Seabrook. If anyone finds her we would love to hear from them.

    Please Contact:
    (603) 868-5555 or (603) 397-7177

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  • Levon




    Missing Since: 10/10   


    Levon is an orange domestic short hair tabby kitten. He is five months old, and teething. He has a lot of energy and talks a lot. He weighs 7 or 8 lbs., and has a really long tail for such a little cat. His eyes are green, and his paws match his body fur. Missing from the Main Street area of downtown Newmarket. 

    Please Contact: Drew

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