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  • Izzy



    Missing Since: 9/19/16

    Izzy is a two year old calico cat. She is short-haired, and medium sized, weighing about 9 or 10 pounds. She was not wearing her collar when she went missing, nor does she have a microchip. She is wary of strangers, but might be coaxed with some food if she is hungry enough. She is very vocal. Missing from Locke Lake Colony in Center Barnstead, either around North Shore Drive and Rogers Road, or somewhere near the intersection of Peacham Road and Brindle Pond Road.

    Please contact:  (603) 340-6469


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  • We share some additional lost and found cats on our Facebook page that might not appear on this website (and vice versa) so please be sure to check both places:


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  • Brady



    Missing Since: 10/31/14

    Brady is a large, young, fixed cat. He is all black except for a few white hairs here and there. He was last seen in the vicinity of John Tasker Road and Rte. 126 in Barnstead. He answers to his name, and also responds to “Yum Yum”. If you see him or any cat that might be him:

    Please contact: Tim (603) 387-5796


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  • Found in Barnstead



    Found: 3/2/14
    Reunited: 3/5/14

    Happily, we have found the cat’s owners (through a flyer we posted at the local general store).   
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  • Lost in Barnstead or New Hampton

    Lost in Barnstead or New Hampton


    Missing Since: 8/30/13

    Our cat was lost on our trip to New Hampton, Camp Twin Tamarack. When we arrived at the camp, she was nowhere to be seen, so we are not sure if she got out of the car there, or in Barnstead, on North Road, where  we stopped on our way to the camp. She is a calico with an orange stripe in the inside corner of one of her eyes. She has a fluffy tail, longish fur, white paws, and a bump on one side near her ribs.

    Please contact:
    (863) 547-5353


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  • Kiara



    Missing Since: 8/22/11



    Our cat, Kiara, is a gray and black tabby, and weighed about 10 or 11 lbs. when she got lost. Last seen on Ridge Road, Center Barnstead, NH (on Suncook Lake).  

    Please Contact: Heather


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  • Gabriel


    Missing Since:

    My cat Gabriel is a gray, short-haired manx, with a tail about two inches long. He has yellow and green eyes, and was almost a year old when he went missing.  He was last seen in Locke Lake,  in Center Barnstead. He is dearly missed.  Any information about his whereabouts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

    Please Contact: Laura
    (603) 608-7822


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  • PK



    Missing Since:






     PK was 8 months old when she got lost. She is a  long-haired gray cat with front double paws. She is very petite, weighing only 4 pounds at that time, and she walks with a limp in her hind legs. PK was last seen in Locke Lake, Center Barnstead.

    Please Contact: Melissa
    (603) 856-5455

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